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Are you struggling to find new and exciting ways to market your business? Maybe you are not finding the success you were hoping for with your old tactics and you are now ready to give something else a shot? Whatever it may be, I compiled a list of 44 tactics that you can start trying out!

Now, let me put a little disclaimer here – You do NOT need to do every one of these for success! Heck, you don’t even need to do half of them! Find a handful of options that work for you, feel light and easy, and ones that your audience connect to – that is where you will see success!

Let’s dive in!

1. Guest Blog! – Offer to guest blog for local wedding blogs, magazines, or for other local wedding vendors! This will help get your information and portfolio out in front of new eyes and ideal potential clients!

2. CoWorking Spaces! – Consider joining a local coworking space. This is a great way to connect with local business owners, find others who can help support your growing business, and be a source of reference for when they need a service you provide.

3. Create a referral group! – Find 4-5 other photographers in your area that are in the same price range as you and recommend one another when you are not available or not a good fit for a new inquiry!

4. Feature Other Vendors! – Offer your blog up as space for other vendors to blog and offer advice for your clients! This is a great way to create relevant content without you having to create it, and it allows those vendors to share your post to their audience.

5. Blog for your clients! – Blog to educate your clients not only on how to prepare for sessions or tips and tricks but to also show off your clients and their sessions!

6. Learn the basics of SEO – SEO is a great way to get free advertising from google by optimizing your blog!

7. Offer headshots or new website images for local vendors you want to get to know or work with on a regular basis!

8. Giveaways! – Giveaways are a great way to get new eyes on your offers and have others share about your business with excitement! ( don’t do these often though because the excitement will wear off if they happen on a regular basis)

9. Join a local Tuesday Together’s Group! – This is a great way to find other creatives and expand your support group!

10. Share albums or canvases with local vendors! – Is there a planner you love? A venue you want to shoot at more? A bridal shop your brides shop at? If so, consider creating a canvas or album for them to display with your logo on them and business cards to place nearby!

11. Facebook Ads! – Consider creating an ad to run for as low as $5 a day to help bring in new leads or get eyes on your website! ( Only do this though if you have a well converting website so you don’t lose out on money )

12. Facebook Group! – Create a facebook group for your clients so you can let them know of exclusive discounts, mini sessions, and new offers first! Plus, this is a great way to create a tight-knit community for your clients!

Want a Facebook Group to join that was created to help photographers just like you learn how to stand out and grow your business through strategic marketing strategies? Click here to join the Abby Waller Insiders Group on Facebook!

13. Email Marketing! – Have a place for potential clients or past clients to sign up for email updates from you! This would allow you to pop into their inbox once a month and keep them updated on what’s going on in your business!

14. Instagram! – Stories, Hashtags, and Posts! Don’t let any of them slip by you! A post daily on your stories or feed can make a huge difference. NOTE: Hashtags work best when you use local hashtags. Don’t waste your hashtags on broad categories like #wedding or #bride

15. Facebook Business Page! – Facebook is still alive and well! Use it to your advantage because I promise your clients ARE there! You can actually post on Facebook 2-3 times a day without exhausting your audience. I recommend scheduling at least one post a day to go out, but feel free to do more if you have the content!

16. Testimonials – Use your client testimonials as captions for posts, on insta stories, on your website, and just about anywhere you can post them!

17. Print Images! – Consider printing 5-10 of your favorite images from your client’s session and mailing them with a thank you card. It is a great way to say thank you and give them images to put up in their home to show off to visitors – Plus, you will probably get an IG with a shout-out!

18. Know who your ideal client is – Understand your ideal client, where they hang out, what they need in a session, and how to serve them well. Not sure if you are speaking to your clients well enough? Click HERE

19. Go live! – Go live on Facebook or Instagram to answer Q&A or show off behind the scenes of sessions.

20. Collaborate – Join forces with other local businesses to create a shoot, or photograph local events you know your ideal clients will attend

21. Create Lead Generating Free Downloads for clients on things like style guides or how to prep for sessions!

22. Understand your client’s needs – By speaking to your client’s needs you will automatically attract them because they will value the fact that you understand them! Don’t just throw things at a wall hoping they will stick, know your clients and offer what they need!

23. Start a referral program – Referral programs are great for seniors or even family photographers! Offer some form of incentive in order to help remind them to promote your business!

24. Make sure you have a user-friendly Website! – Your website is a huge determining factor on if someone books you, so make sure this is ready to convert potential clients! You can click HERE to learn if your website is user friendly!

25. Only show off the best! – Show off your BEST work not all of it. Find your top 50-75 images that show off your best work. When your clients are looking for a photographer they have likely seen hundreds of images already, so don’t keep overwhelming them and only show them what they need to see!

26. Show them what you want to shoot! – Want to shoot weddings? Then don’t share landscape photos to promote your business. Be very careful in what you share and how you share it.

27. Pinterest! – Have a pinterest “pin” option on your website for not only your clients to “pin” images to their account but for you to also pin them to your business account. NOTE: Keep your business account organized. Have boards for specific “pins” to keep categories easy to search!

28. Be known for one thing! – Being known for one thing is the BEST way to get your name on the map and to truly dominate in the market. This isn’t to say you can’t do or offer other things, but being known for one thing is the easiest way to keep moving forward!

29. Simplify! – Simplify your offers, marketing, and everything you have in your business! This keeps things simple and easy for your clients and future clients to understand – which only brings good reviews and referrals your way! Simplicity is scalable, complexity wastes time and money!

30. Tell everyone you are a photographer! – Don’t be embarrassed to tell people about your business! Yell it from the mountaintops! – I have gotten leads from getting my nails done, hair done, house hunting, and even getting a massage!

31. Invite People to Follow You on All Platforms! – Share your social platforms on each platform! Ask your FB followers to follow on IG, Your IG followers to Pinterest, ect. People don’t think to follow you on all platforms unless you consistently remind them. The more you are in front of them the better! ( Read – Should I be on every social platform? )

32. Comment on other vendor’s profiles- create genuine connections online with other vendors in your area in order to get your name known!

33. Interview Vendors – Interview vendors to spotlight on your social media!

34. Understand Storytelling – People react to stories and love to connect on a deeper level. Instead of writing captions about the colors of a wedding day, write about the love they share and how their families celebrated the day. ( Read – Selling value over facts here )

35. Learn Your audience – know who follows you, why they follow you, and how you can serve them well to turn them into customers. The more you know about them and understand them, the easier it is to market to them!

36. Tag All Vendors in Your Posts – Be sure to tag all vendors in social media posts that way they will share your post AND it will show up in their tagged posts

37. Share Your Facebook Business Posts to Your Personal Page! – This allows your post to get better reach AND if you tag your clients on the post on your personal page it will allow more of their friends and family to see the post!

38. Share your WHY – Share why you started a business, why you believe in what you do, and why they need YOU to fulfill the service they need 39. Join local Facebook groups! – From local photography groups, to mom groups, and even wedding planning groups be sure to join groups where potential job referrals or opportunities could be posted! Read here how to promote your business in well-known groups that your audience hangs-out in!

40. Consider hosting a FB event! – Host a Facebook event ( like a giveaway ) and invite friends, family, and followers to not only join but also ask them to invite others to join in! This is a great way to get some momentum!

41. Video – Consider creating video content for your business! From BTS to even showing what a shoot with you is like, video is one of the most popular ways right now to get in front of your audience ( Click here for 10 video ideas for your business )

42. Make sure all of your personal social media accounts include your business – Make sure you link or tag your business is your personal social media accounts! That way friends can always see what you do and know where to find an easy link to your page!

43. Share your content over and over! – Don’t be afraid to reshare your content multiple times! Reshare blogs, posts, and anything your customer wants to see! Remember your posts aren’t seen by everyone the first time around, so keep sharing content you already have vs scrambling to always make more!

44. Consider Joining Honeybook! – Honeybook actually has a place where other local vendors can refer you to clients or post an “ in search of” ad for you to respond to! I have had plenty of local photographers send me as a recommendation through Honeybook to their inquiries that they can not assist! Click here to get a free trial and 50% off of your first year!

Okay, friend! I know that was a lot but let me help you out here with the next steps…


  1. Find a 3-4 easy steps you can start doing today to grow your business from this list!
  2. Write those steps down ( I recommend on a sticky note that you place on your computer )
  3. Start putting them into play as much as you can! Once you feel you have a good handle on those tips, find 1-2 more to add to the list! – Gradual growth will be your friend here when it comes to consistency!
  4. Give it time! No strategy will work within a day, give each new strategy 2-3 months to really gain momentum and allow your audience to learn to interact with it!

Have more questions on how you can market your photography business and stand out in your market? Join me inside my Facebook Group that was made just for photographers like you who want to grow your reach and increase profits inside of your business! – Join Abby Waller Insiders Group

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