Ready to generate some additional income in 2023?

Turn Your Experience and Knowledge into an In-Demand Mini Course ....

Turn Your Experience and Knowledge into an In-Demand Mini Course ....

Access a simple, no-fluff game plan for creating a mini course that not only impacts your income but also impacts those who purchase it. 

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Abby Waller

Building a mini-course doesn't have to be daunting ...

Between wondering if your big idea is actually wanted by your followers, trying to figure out what to include in your course, how to structure it to create impact, and how to make it happen with an already busy schedule... it can feel like a lot to manage. 

But, what if you could save HOURS of your time by having a full game plan laid out on how to easily take that idea floating in your head and turn it into actual money in your bank account?

... and what if you could make that game plan in one afternoon?

This exact game plan is the one I have used over and over again within my  own business to get results like this...

Here is where people go wrong with mini course creation

You strive for perfection over progress. I get that whatever you put out into the world you want to feel polished,  but you don't have to invest thousands of dollars into high-end filming in order to create a course that is impactful. Your content is what creates the impact. ( I have bought 8k courses that were recorded on zoom and were far more impactful than $300 courses with a professional film crew ) 

You don't know how to structure your content to bring impact. This can seem super daunting but there are a few key elements that you can implement in order to know that whatever you are putting out into the world is leaving people implementing and getting results with your content.  ( and don't worry, we will cover them! )

You don't know if your idea is wanted and if it is, how do you make it stand out? The last thing you want is to spend hours creating a mini-course for it to flop, and this sadly happens often because many people don't take the time to do the groundwork needed! But, don't worry! I will help you navigate the decisions that need to be made during the creation of your course to help you carve our a clear space for your course within the industry!

You don't have to have any of the answers before jumping in ... I will help you fill in the blanks along the way!

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Creating an In-Demand Mini-Course

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In under 2 hours you'll be able to create a complete game plan for creating your mini-course! 

This program covers everything from verifying a need for your offer, learning how to make it stand out, making sure it creates impact, and how to create a course you can feel confident in when you press the live button! 

Think of this as your proven shortcut to getting into course creation that will save you HOURS of second guessing yourself along the way!

So, What's Included?

The SIX Lessons Inside


The basic elements needed for a successful mini-course


Determining what mini-course structure is right for your business and offer


The make or break decisions that will help you sell out your course


Getting your audience involved and bought in to your idea before you ever launch


The simple guidelines for pricing and naming your course

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A run-down of what to use to record and host your course for simplicity 

Do any of these sound like you?

no. 01

You would LOVE to break into the education space more with a course, but you lack time to do it?

This is why you should start with a mini course! It is not only easier and faster for you to create than a full-fledge course ( Think, months faster! ), but it also allows you to build fast trust with your audience by offering them a smaller course to opt-into that gets them practically instant results.

no. 02

You have an idea, but no idea on how to execute it?

That is what this course was built for! To help you execute on an idea you have! 
Even if you don't have an idea yet but you know you want to move into the course space, this will help you get an idea of where you want to go and give you some ideas to toss around so you can jump right in!

no. 03

You don't feel confident that your course will deliver the results you would like it to.

Real Talk: this is a super common concern and one that isn't bad because it shows you care about your product and those who will buy it! The fear comes from not knowing, from doing something new, from navigating the unknown on your own. So, let me help you navigate it with ease so you can launch this course with confidence that you are helping those who need it!

Why should you create a mini-course?

Simply put, it's a launching pad for you and your buyers. 

It is a launching pad for you and your education because it allows you to build your authority within the education niche, grow your audience, create a name for yourself with a specific product, and allows you to increase your revenue without actively trading hours or dollars. 

It is a launching pad for your buyers because mini-courses are dialed in courses moving people towards a specific result. This means you can provide dialed in, detailed support for someone to give them fast momentum - which will make them a huge fan of you and your business!

i can help because i've been there

I know how confusing the first step can feel...

I know how you desire to create something new for your business but that first step feels flat confusing and overwhelming. You want to create a product that you are proud of and that actually moves your business forward - not be another time-suck. 

You want to do bigger things because you know you were called to be more than 'just a photographer'. 

That is the phase I am here to help you navigate. I want to help you find that special niche within the industry that you fit perfectly into with your new mini-course so you can make big moves within your business! Plus, I want you to be able to create multiple streams of income to allow your business to feel stable and steady - even in the off season. 

I have done it and so can you!


Your future Students are busy...

People desire dialed in action, they want balance between work and life, and in a time of thriving off of instant gratification we want fast results without fluff ... a mini-course checks all of those boxes for your future students. 

Stop sitting on this idea of one day creating a course with your experience and make that day now! Within 2 hours you could have the foundation of your course mapped out and ready to start the creation process! 

This is why the fast results of a Mini-Course are very popular right now

Your Future students are busy...

Oh, did I forget the bonus?

The Successful Sales Page

Have no idea what to put on a sales page when you launch your course? No worries! I got you covered! 

Inside of this bonus video I mapped out 9 key elements you will want on your sales page in order to help you sell your new course to your followers with confidence.

This 23 minute video will help give you the perfect starting point for creating a sales page that you know accurately showcases the value of your course and turns viewers into buyers!

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