It all started when I decided to drop out of college

When I was 19, I had a burning passion to be a photographer and I knew I wasn’t going to learn what I needed in a classroom. 

Now, after running a 6-figure photography business, I am teaching other photographers how to chase their dreams, confidently raise their prices, and master the art of selling.

a little bit of determination and strategy is all it took

When I began my business when I was 19, it didn’t start easy for me, either.

I borrowed my mom’s camera (yep, I didn’t even have my own), had a lot of encouraging pep talks with my husband, and grinded my wheels non-stop. I knew I needed to find high-quality clients who believed my work was worth their hard-earned money.

I hustled HARD and after just 10 months, I had almost 20 weddings booked. Within one year, I matched my teachers salary I *would* have made if I stayed in college.

In year two, we moved to Atlanta from Tampa and business didn’t slow down at all. My calendar became booked out with destination weddings that left me traveling more than being home.

Then in year three, I hit a wall. It was dark, I found myself in bed for an entire month due to burnout. I was traveling weekly, shooting multiple sessions every week, and lived out of a suitcase. I let it continue for too long before I finally said never again and massively upped my prices and created a system to book higher end clients so I could work less and enjoy my life more.

These workaholic ways brought me success (like being able to afford to build a home at 21), but it also left me with a business that depended on me running 24/7 and never taking a break. 

I leaned into my analytic and strategy side, and I was able to come up with a much more sustainable system for my business because the constant hustle was unattainable. I was living, eating, and breathing work, and I didn’t want that to be my life.

I was living the "glamorous" life of being a destination photographer but I was dead tired. I missed being home. I lived for the few weekends a year when I didn't work. I honestly didn't even know what it was like to have weekend brunch with my husband because I was never home to be able to go with him. I missed years of fall traditions and holiday fun because it was my busy season, and while I loved what I did I began to wonder if it was really worth all I was giving up. 

As you can imagine, after 3 seasons of pure burnout I finally made a big effort to avoid it for good. 

 I knew something needed to change so I joined a mastermind that forever changed the way I viewed my business. I quickly realized my ability to grow a successful business that wouldn’t have me traveling 30-40 weekends a year. 


That business can be fun and easy. That you don’t have to have it all together, be the best, or have the perfect whirlwind of events to see success. You just need a little strategy and determination. 


24/7 hustle mode. Slimy sales tactics that make your client feel like you are lying. Believing business tactics are a one size fits all. Giving up weekend brunch for work. 


At petsmart with the pups
Mexican restaurant with my husband 
Or At the chick-fil-a drive through for a sweet tea pick me up

daily must haves:

Most days start with podcasts while getting ready, ball time with the pups, and a large cup of coffee. 
Every day ends with a quick netflix binge before bed and a few pages of reading before I turn the lights out! 

I’ll never forget the words, “you are so much more than a photographer.”

My coach said those words to me and it changed everything. In that moment I gave myself permission to not only believe that but act on it. 

Now, here we are.

I took that same strategy I mastered in my business and needed to see if it worked for other photographers who were struggling to fill their calendars and IT DID.

I’m living my happiest life teaching other photographers how to run a profitable business that aligns with their hopes and dreams. Being a business owner is hard, but I truly believe with the right strategy, support, and freedom to dream anything is possible.

That’s exactly why the Inner Circle was born.   





Any version of NCIS 

Sweet tea or Vodka Soda w/ cranberry & lime

All the sales/ marketing books

 Chickfila Breakfast, #1 Please



Case Files or business podcasts

What you have been told vs what I believe...

I believe that personal brands are great but NOT the only ticket to success. You need a personal brand that SELLS and has a strategy behind it. SO many educations stop at personal branding and don't teach the strategy and sales tactics behind it. 

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I believe that hustling 24/7 doesn't get you any further than working strategically and having time to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I believe pricing dead zones are made out to be an easy excuse for why someone isn't booking because I fully believe you can sell your services at any price with the right message and approach. 

(Grab a drink, it’s about to get real in here)

I also believe that made-up ideal clients are a waste of time. The industry preaches so much to think of an imaginary person and describe them to be your ideal client - you can't try to base your success on made up situations and people. You have to be hands on and speak to real life clients in order to understand who you are trying to reach. 

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I believe YOU are the greatest asset in your business and YOUR determination dictates your success!

I believe that your success doesn't sit in how good your portfolio is (because plenty of other people have awesome portfolios), your success lies in your ability to showcase what makes you unique and how you use that to serve your clients.

What you have been told vs what I believe...

(Grab a drink, it’s about to get real in here)

My husband Travis!

We met when I was 18 and he was 22! We met, got engaged, and married all within 10 months! ( yep, people thought we were crazy!) He is my biggest encourager and the reason I chased after this dream to begin with!


Maxwell is my sweet little tuxedo boy who wears a bowtie at all times! He gives the best bedtime snuggles, my late night working buddy, and my little shadow everywhere I go!

Meet mysupport team 

Liberty and Russ

Meet Liberty and Rustler ( Libby & Russ Russ ) our strong willed, sweet, and over excited shepherds! They keep us entertained daily and love a good petsmart trip followed up by a puppicino. They also leave a trail of fur wherever they go - thank goodness for roomba!

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Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

"I have booked more weddings and booked more DREAM clients because this program helped me focus in on what I really want for my business which has attracted the right kind of people! "


so they say:

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For like-minded, go-getter, and big dreamer photographers who are ready to scale their business with EASE through sales strategies (it’s possible, and I’ll show you how inside!)

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