... teaching other photogs’ how to chase their dreams and not let fear stand in their way!

When I began my business at the age of 19 I truly had no idea where it would lead me! All I knew was that I had my mom’s camera that I loved using ( yes, I didn’t even have my own camera) and a husband who was encouraging me to start shooting! After just 10 months in business I had almost 20 weddings booked and knew that this was my time to jump if I wanted to go full time!

I was a 19 year old who decided to drop out of college to pursue her dream of being a photographer and 6 years later here I am...

Hey, friend!

Abby here!

Within one year I matched the teacher salary I would have received...

Here's what happened next...

After 12 months of being in business we relocated from Tampa to Atlanta and I set out to not only rebuild my business but also go full time with photography. Within one year I matched the teacher salary I would have received if I would have continued going to college and I knew then there was no turning back! Over the next few years I continued to build a 6- figure business based out of Tampa and Atlanta and fill my calendar with destination weddings that left me traveling more than actually being at home!

After 4 years of being in the “hustle” mode I could feel myself burning out - and at an incredibly fast rate! I joined a mastermind that forever changed the way I viewed my business and my ability to grow a successful business that wouldn’t cause me to be gone working 30-40 weekends a year!

As we sat at the first mastermind retreat she told me “ You are so much more than a photographer” and in that moment I gave myself permission to not only believe that but act on it.

Well, as you can see ...

...now we are *here!*

I am here to tell you that you are not just a photographer, you have big dreams and amazing gifts that need to be shared with the world! 

Now I live my BEST life teaching other photographers how to run a profitable business that aligns with their hopes and dreams! Being a business owner is hard but I truly believe that with the right strategy, support, and freedom to dream bigger - anything is possible! 

That is what lights me up more than anything - seeing other amazing business owners stepping into the roles they were meant to do and seeing them have amazing success because they are creating businesses that align with their dream life!


I am number cruncher

even though I hate math


I can talk strategy for daysss

 good marketing strategy brings me so much excitement, seriously you should see all of the sticky notes on my office walls from planning!


I am an enneagram 5

which means I never stop learning


I have re-built my busiess 3 times

because we move a lot! In the lat 6 years, we have lived in 4 different states! If anyone knows how to create fast traction, it is me! 

Meet My

Sweet Fam

My husband Travis!

The Puppers!

We met when I was 18 and he was 22! We met, got engaged, and married all within 10 months! ( yep, people thought we were crazy!) He is my biggest encourager and the reason I chased after this dream to begin with!

Meet Liberty and Rustler ( Libby & Russ Russ ) our strong willed, sweet, and over excited shepherds! They keep us entertained daily and love a good petsmart trip followed up by a puppicino. They also leave a trail of fur wherever they go - thank goodness for roomba!

My baby!

Maxwell is my sweet little tuxedo boy who wears a bowtie on his collar at all times! Heis truly the best snuggler, my late night working buddy, and my little shadow everywhere I go!

a bit more about me!

Let's get Personal...

next fun fact ⟶

Most days you can find me in a comfy pair of yoga pants, a top knot, and a flannel shirt or over-sized sweat shirt! ( I work best in extra comfy clothes! ) I usually start my day at my desk with Libby at my feet, but then find myself finishing work on the couch with a massive blanket and Maxwell! 

Yoga Pants, Top Not, and a Flannel Shirt.

My Starbucks Drink isn't fancy - Iced coffee with cream and 6 pumps classic. I drink coffee because I'm such a night owl. I do my best work between 8pm and 2am! I can't help it!

My Starbucks Drink

The perfect afternoon for me involves a long drive in the car - windows down, music playing, and an iced tea in hand (always!). I also work hard so that I can take the occasional afternoon nap...won't miss this!

The Perfect Afternoon

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