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10 Video Ideas for Your Photography Business





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We all know that video is huge right now when it comes to marketing businesses. Not only is it a huge marketing tactic but most social media platforms actually prefer you to use video over just creating General posts. 

Most video not only gets better ratings with the algorithm but it usually generates more organic traffic over time. I have a video I posted a few weeks ago that is still getting 20 views a week organically and it was posted at a horrible time of day for organic traffic.

 Video tends to not only help you make stronger connections with your followers, but it also helps you get more information across to them as well as getting a better ranking with the algorithms. 

 Your video can be through your business Facebook page, a Facebook group that you run, igtv, Instagram stories, Instagram post, Facebook Stories, the list goes on and on. 

 When it comes to using video for your business there’s a couple things that you just want to remember – 

  1.  This doesn’t have to be hard.  You don’t need a full set up, fancy  gear, you don’t need to hire a videographer. All you really need is your cell phone or your computer to take a video of you. 
  2.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  Maybe the lighting isn’t great or maybe you don’t have full hair and makeup done – What is most important is that you are showing up and that you are getting on video to connect with clients. People are going to connect with the imperfect videos more than you think so don’t put pressure on your first few videos to look perfect. Just show up, serve your audience, and then work on your presentation the more you get comfortable with it.

 Now it may be saying I have no clue what on Earth I should talk about when it comes to video so I need a list of 10 really easy videos that you can use in your business to help you promote your service,  help your clients prepare for their photos, and videos to help gain excitement about your expertise. 

  1. Let’s say you’re at the mall, hop on Insta Stories and show off some cute outfits that your clients could wear for their upcoming Christmas photos. 
  2.  If you are working on editing one night,  you could screen share your Lightroom screen and show how you edit a photo from your session. Let your clients see all the work that actually goes into editing their images and how you transform their images that are right out of camera and turn them into looking bright and cheerful! 
  3. Pop on igtv and answer questions that you get about your services! Basically a big Q&A
  4. You can get on Facebook live and share about upcoming mini sessions!  let people know who they’re for, why you were offering them, and what they can expect from a mini session!
  5.  Ask a spouse or a friend to come with you to a session for just 10 or 15 minutes and get some behind-the-scenes video that you can share on Instagram stories, or stream live on Facebook.
  6. Ask your client to create a video testimonial of their experience with you. Now I know this isn’t you actually showing up on video but it still video which means it is a very strong testimonial. 
  7.  Show the behind-the-scenes as you prep to get ready to head out to a session or wedding.
  8.  Do a IGTV video about all of the precautions that you take to backup images and keep them safe. This is a great way to put your client’s mind at ease to know that their images are safe while they’re in your hands.
  9. Team up with other people in your industry and do joint Facebook and Instagram lives.  This could look like you and a wedding planner asking each other questions to help serve both audiences at one time. It’s a great way to cross your audiences and get your business information out there. 
  10.  Do a video on what your products look like!  let your clients see the different types of products they can order through your business and help them create a connection to them through a video.

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