Do you dream of adding education to your business?

But, maybe it feels like an overwhelming task to know where to start?

But, maybe it feels too overwhelming because you don't know how to start?

I get it. I remember when I first started pivoting my business into education and I felt like there were 500 things I needed to have done... by like, tomorrow. 

It felt like there were so many moving pieces that I had to have to get started AND I still had to somehow manage my photo biz while making the transition. 

I worked way more hours than any human should during that timeframe because I had no idea how to make this pivot successful.
... and I don't want that for you. 

I don't want that either →

Abby Waller

I wish someone would have given me a roadmap

Instead, it was more like getting thrown into the deep end of the pool without a floaty. 

There was no easing in. No idea what to look for vs avoid.
No idea how to market my photo business WHILE marketing myself as an educator. 
No idea on what products worked better than others or how they would sell. 
It was all trial and error.... and lots of late nights!

So, I decided to create a simplified roadmap that I WISH someone would have handed over to me in the first 90 days of my pivot. 


The 90-Day Pivot

A 90 day roadmap created for photographers who are gearing up to pivot their business into education. 

Look, you are a busy photog who doesn't have time to add 10 more tasks to your to-do list each week. 

That is why I broke this roadmap down into 3 core phases with the top 3-5 tasks you need to accomplish each month. 

At the end of your 90 days you will be able to walk away with a foundation started, traction growing, and maybe even your first few sales under your belt!

Honestly, this transition doesn't have to be hard... unless you choose to make it hard. 

What is inside

 Days 1-30 Video

The Groundwork

This is where we will take the time to make important decisions about how you will approach your education and how you want to be seen within your niche, what offers will work best for you, + get some simple validation that your offer is needed.

Days 30-60 Video

The Behind the Scenes 

The the MOST overlooked part of pivoting into education is making sure your business is actually prepared for you to re-direct your attention to this new endeavor. You are still a photog who needs to take care of your clients, so we need to strategically move in a way that allows you to still grow your photo biz while pivoting into education!
Plus, we are going to slowly start your marketing transition during this 30 day timeframe! 

Days 60-90 Video

Solidifying Your Online Presence

Our final 30 days is all about you truly claiming that new title as an educator and taking the steps to solidify your online presence as one! From leaning into your marketing, starting talking about an offer, and adding an education page to your website - you are about to be shocked at how far you have come in just 90 days!

In under 90 minutes, you can plan your next 90 days. 

Stop waiting for the perfect moment or some sign to validate your next steps. Instead, let's put action behind your ideas and validate them as we go! 

The biggest mistake I see photogs make when waiting to make this pivot is they want to wait until they feel people want their education. But, how do people know they want it, if you haven't put anything out for them to want?

Instead of waiting for someone to write you a permission slip to start, remember that YOUR successful business is all of the validation you need.

You clearly have something to offer if you have a business that is thriving and has raving clients, so stop overthinking and let's take action. 

Not a chance!

Did you think we would leave you hanging after those initial 90 days?

Inside of this bonus video we are going to map out three key goals to help you keep your momentum building and work on building up a stream of educational income you can begin to rely on each month! 


I'm in →



Who is this for?

This roadmap is best for those who have NOT ventured into education in any way up until this point. If you already have a product or offer launched, this would not be the best fit for you. 

This is truly the FIRST steps you want to take when starting this pivot.  This framework was built based on not only my personal experience of pivoting my business, but also helping many other photographers pivot theirs. 
I have seen all the mistakes, heard all the excuses, and navigated plenty of roadblocks over the last 5 years of being an educator. 
So, trust me when I say this is the SIMPLEST roadmap out there for pivoting and feeling confidence in your new venture! 

Is this live or pre-recorded?

This is pre-recorded and ready for you to watch now and then re-visit whenever you need to! You will not lose access to the content at any time after purchase! 

What areas does this course cover?

Simply put... A LOT.   Learning how to mix your marketing between being an educator and photographer, how to pick your first offer, what to consider when selecting what you want to create, setting realistic goals and timelines, ensuring your business is ready for this new venture, getting your first freebie up + educator page on your website, and so many tidbits of extra information to save you the frustration and heartache I have seen many experience over the years. This is NO FLUFF content because we cover all of this in under 90 minutes!!  

Will I need to pay for ads?

Inside of the 90 day pivot + the next 90 day follow-up video NO strategy is based on ads. To me, you need to have a foundation in order for ads to be successful and more than likely, your foundation WON'T be ready for ads in the first few months of your pivot. Instead, we focus on building organic traction so that when you do invest in ads down the road, you know exactly what will pull people in! 

I would have paid big bucks for this kind of roadmap 5 years ago.

In fact, I paid 24k in order to learn these basics. 

No joke. When I pivoted into the education space there were very limited resources to learn what to do, and so I invested in a $24,000 mastermind in order to learn! 

But, good news for you. I am brining you my most valuable lessons from that investment and 5 years of personal experience for a fraction of that price!
You don't have to struggle or invest thousands of dollars to get started as an educator. You can start now and begin panning your 90-day pivot with ease and confidence! 

don't wait! Start your pivot now!

Heck yes! I'm IN!