Tired of feeling like price increases are one big gamble?

It's time to create a plan to successfully raise your prices

It's time to create a plan to successfully raise your prices

Do you spend more time focused on picking the exact right price so that you don't get stuck in a dreaded dead zone vs. actually prepping your business for a price increase? If so, that is why price increases seem so daunting! 
It is time to flip the script and strategically move towards a price increase so that you can see fast success and worry less about how appealing a number looks.

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Abby Waller

Price increases don't need to feel like a guessing game

I bet you have been sitting on the fence about a significant price increase for a while. Am I right? But, the fear of jumping prices, leaving a pricing bracket you feel comfortable in, and trying to convince clients that your work is worth WAY more than what you are charging now... it all seems daunting. 

I get it; it sucks.

You not only know that your skills are valuable, but you deserve to be paid more. In fact, you NEED to be paid more.

That is why this guide was created. Inside this guide, you will find a proven 6 -step auditing process to help prime your business for price increases so you can confidently bump prices because you aren't just going to toss spaghetti at the wall this time. 

This is auditing process is what I use with my vip clients to help them double, even triple, their booking prices. 

Are you making one of these mistakes with your price increases?

You think the secret to a successful price increase comes down to the actual number you set. While I love some good sales psychology and talking ideal numbers, the price tag you choose is the least of my concerns when it comes to raising prices. Preparing your business to support a higher price is far more important thank picking between a 7 or 0 at the end of your price. 

You are only looking at refreshing your website and portfolio images before a price increase. Sure, the visual aspects of your brand are essential - but do they allow you to stand out enough to help justify higher prices?
( The answer is no. ) 
The weight of your price tag should not fall on whether or not your portfolio can support it; that is asking to fail real fast!

You aren't patching holes within your sales process as you go. Here is the deal, small holes in your business when you have lower prices aren't a huge deal. But, small holes become bigger and bigger as you scale your prices. If you haven't patched up the holes within your message, marketing, website, pricing guides, etc. - raising your prices will feel far more frustrating than successful. 

You should be able to wake up one morning and change your prices if you feel called to - Not debate it for weeks on end...

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The Price Increase Audit

Get instant access to this 30-page PDF that breaks down a 6-step audit process that will not only take the presentation of your business to a new level but will set you up to bump your prices whenever you feel called! 

I have used this process for years with not only my own business but my clients as well! This isn't about just picking the right numbers; this is about setting your business up to sell anything at any price you choose!

This audit framework is perfect for photographers who are tired of price increases being stressful AF and want a system to repeat whenever they feel called to jump $100 or even $1,000! 

What is inside

no. 01

My 6-Step Audit Process

Ready to give your business a strategic facelift that will make you proud of how you present your business to potential clients? ( I hope the answer is YES ) This 6-step process doesn't cut any corners, so be ready to be WOWed. From auditing your experience, message, website, social media, pricing guide, and sales process - you will walk away knowing the key areas of your business are buttoned up and optimized for success. 

no. 02

Navigating a Stall in Bookings

Listen, not every price increase will see success immediately. That is NORMAL. So many factors can play into how quickly a booking will come in after a price increase, so the last thing I want you to do is fret! I included a bit of advice that I give my own clients as they navigate those in-between moments before their new pricing takes off. 

no. 03

Surprise Bonus Audit

Ever wondered if you are financially in a good place to take on a price increase, this will walk you through the three questions I guide my clients through to ensure they are in a good financial state to move towards a price increase confidently!

To me, business is just one big game. Sometimes you win big, and if you don't, you just re-strategize your winning move.

Successful price increases aren't just for those who are lucky. They are there for anyone who goes about them in a smart and strategic way.
After eight years within the industry, I have been through my share of price increases personally and with my clients. The common factor on if a price increase was successful comes down to the strength of their business presence. 

Their portfolio, years in business, followers, and even current prices made little difference. It was about having a business presence that was growing with them and adding value. 

This guide will break down the biggest elements that can increase your perceived value and allow you to master simple price changes OR skyrocket your prices ( whatever you desire ). You will now be in more control over your business, and you get to set the prices you desire, not feel pressured to give into lower pricing.

Price increases can
feel exciting & FREEING...

This audit process has allowed my clients to celebrate wins like these...

So, What are you waiting for?

Your Price Tag is just a number 

Stop giving it control over your business


The simplest way to view your price tag is that it is a simple step someone must complete to get access to your services, time, and talent. 
We have all heard it before, but pricing is relative. If someone values something enough - they pay the price for it. 

If I had to bet, 90% of your clients would drop $1,200+ on a new iPhone to get an insane amount of storage because they value their memories and don't want to delete ANYTHING out of the camera roll. So, if they value their iPhone photos that much -why wouldn't they value professional photos too?

Is just a number

Price Tag

Stop giving it control over your business 

Who is this for?

This audit structure will work for any business

This audit framework has been used for family photogs, wedding photogs, seniors, boudoir, coaching offers and more. 

This framework plays a crucial role within the success of your business and it is one I go through with my clients even if they AREN'T doing a price increase! ( because I believe so much in this process! )

Don't sit on the sidelines and leave it all up to chance. Instead, create a business that is cohesive, strong, and oozes confidence so that your skills stand-out and attract clients who are WOWed by you and your work! ( Which then means they will happily pay top-dollar! )

Don't let the fear of a price tag hold you back from success. Instead, let your price increases drive you towards MORE success and happiness within your business. 

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