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One question I see a lot when it comes Facebook groups is “should I be on multiple platforms?”. Should I be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, the list goes on and on. We see a lot of bigger names  in the industry who are on every platform but what we forget is that they have had years to build up each platform as it rolled out.

 They didn’t just start their business and dive into every platform and see success with it immediately.  One of my biggest tips for anyone who is looking to join all of the platforms is to really look at what you are doing now with your marketing and what is actually working.

 If you are currently on two – three platforms and you’re still not seeing the results you want, it’s not because of the platform it’s because of the amount of effort that’s being put in to each platform.

 The truth is, you could be on one platform and give it your all and see amazing results or you can give half of your effort to multiple platforms and see mediocre results. 

 So here’s my recommendation for anyone who is looking to up their social media game. 

  1.  Dig your heels in on one platform where you know your ideal audience hangs out on a daily basis.  Think about who your ideal client is, what time they will probably be utilizing that platform, and what type of content is going to speak to them the best. 
  2. Use each platform as intended. –  If you are on Instagram use it as Instagram intended the platform to be used. If you’re on Facebook don’t try to use it like you would Instagram, use Facebook in the way that Facebook will reward you for doing so.

 Example-  if you’re on Facebook. You will be rewarded for doing live videos, you can post more frequently ( 3-4xs a day ),  you can ask your audience to share your post easier, organic reach can be easier to gain, and hashtags won’t do you any good. 

 If you’re on Instagram you want to use hashtags to your advantage,  create a igtv channel, have one strategic and strong post a day, and use your IG stories to create connections with your followers. 

 You really just want to think about the platform that you’re using and figure out the best way that you can serve your clients, while also using the platform as it was intended to be used in order to get maximum reach

3. Once you nail one platform, feel free to go to the next. When I started my business I started solely on Facebook. My business was growing on Facebook for the first couple of years before I truly introduce Instagram into the picture. To this day I still have a stronger platform on Facebook then I do Instagram because when I first started I dug my heels and I learned the platform inside and out. Instagram and Pinterest still play a role in my business, but I also know that I always have one strong platform and two supporting platforms in my business.

To wrap up this blog post let’s just say pick your platform, find your audience, and dig in your heels until you have it mastered! 

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