Struggling to showcase your expertise as an educator?

What if you could just fill in some blanks and press post?

What if you could just fill in some blanks and press post?

Do you spend more time scrolling Instagram for inspiration than creating posts? Or, maybe you are posting ALL THE TIME , but you are getting cricket in return...

Wouldn't it be nice to know that if you are taking the time to post on social media that your posts will actually drive educational clients to your business?

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Abby Waller

Sharing your portfolio on the grid was one thing, but you have no idea what to write about as an educator.

How you show-up and market your offers is what gives you the ability to make sure your products stand-out and speak to the right buyers. 

...But, if you're not sure what to post, it can be hard to generate that traction. 

Finding your voice as an educator isn't always an easy thing - especially when you see so many other educators offering a similar product or service. 

You are dying to show others how much knowledge you have in your head and how you can help them transform their business, but you just don't have the right words.

...Until Now

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Instant Insta Captions for Educators

Get instant access to 30 strategic captions created to help you connect with your followers and help them see you as an authority figure within your niche!

These captions were designed to help you sell your services WHILE building trust! They allow you to simply and clearly relay value without feeling like a salesman when posting.

From carousel posts, calls to action, email list sign-up prompts, highlighting coaching opportunities, showcasing your unique insight into the industry, spotlighting products, and impactful introduction posts - these captions check ALL the boxes for successful content as an educator!  

How it Works

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Access the Google Doc

Once you checkout you will be emailed a PDF that holds a special link for you to access all 30 captions inside of a google doc!

no. 02

Copy the Doc, Edit, and Post!

Once you access the doc, make a copy and add it to your google docs for future use! Then, you can edit captions and easily copy and paste them into your social media scheduling app! 

no. 03

Reuse each caption as needed!

We created these captions with the goal that you can re-use them over and over without them sounding like you just copied and re-shared an old post! These caption frameworks are flexible enough for you to create multiple posts out of each caption for easy use now and in the future! 

I remember trying HARD to showcase my value and giving the wrong tips.  I found myself in a place where people thought I was willing to give my knowledge for free because well, I already was. There was a fine balance that needed to be mastered between being helpful with my content but still wanting people to pay for my knowledge. - It was WAY different than just sharing my recent shoots and talking about my clients. 

I would write captions, edit them 10xs, and then delete them and never post. I wasted HOURS trying to find my voice and rhythm when it came to showing up as an educator and many hours were spent questioning what I should share and if my content was helpful. I felt like I needed to always give, give, and give - but then would feel bad asking in return. 

Because I remember these feelings of confusion and frustration so clearly, I created 30 captions that are ready and waiting for you to fill in the blanks and share your knowledge! These captions were created in a way that you can confidently know each post you make will be both impactful for your followers and help you move them towards buying from you!

Let me take the weight off of your shoulders and give you a simplified process for posting and showcasing your unique skills and knowledge! 

Where is the line between helpful and giving away too much?

Your Price Tag is just a number 

Stop giving it control over your business

I scrapped my Instagram of 5k followers and started over again at the end of 2022! With just under 150 followers on my new account, my posts were averaging between 15-30 saves per post!  ( Some posts even getting 20-40 shares! ) 

That is a lot of interaction for a new account!

This wasn't due to luck, it was because of the system I put into place with my content to showcase massive value. 

...and guess what, we were making sales DAILY from those handful of followers too! 

The size of your audience doesn't matter. 

Content that feels fresh, exciting, and educational 

These aren't some dry, copy and paste captions

I know the last thing you want is for your content to feel like it was written by someone else. That’s why these captions are styled like a game of mad-libs. 

Our fill-in-the-blank captions allow you to take what we wrote and customize it to fit your audience and offers within minutes! You no longer have to write and re-write captions just to question their value. 

Use them every week Or just keep these in your back pocket for a rainy day when you need some extra inspiration! Either way, it will help you massively simplify your content creation. 

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