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When it comes to scaling your business there are so many ways that you can begin the process. The key to scaling your business is knowing where you ultimately want your business to go, what you want it to look like, and what path you want to take to get there. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong way either – which is what can be both so freeing and difficult to navigate at the same time.

Once you decide you are ready to begin scaling your business your first thought is to usually begin brainstorming. Brainstorming new ideas, what things could look like, how to execute those new ideas and more. There is a never ending list of things you can brainstorm and think on.

The problem with the idea of brainstorming is that most of us will get stuck in this phase and will never be ready to leave it.

Brainstorming is a key part in the process but we need to remember that our brainstorming sessions are for coming up with ideas and that the true growth of those ideas come from taking action. This is where I see the number one mistake people make with brainstorming – once they come up with their ideas they never take action.

So why do we get stuck in the brainstorming phase of scaling? Well, there are three reasons –

  1. We will get stuck because the action needed in order for us to fulfill our new idea is scary
  2. We don’t feel that our plan is “perfect” just yet
  3. There are so many ways to take action that we become overwhelmed by the process of brainstorming

Here is some truth though…

  • No new action in your business will be anything less than a little scary if it is something you are truly passionate about and truly desire to make happen.
  • Any plan in your business that is being put into action is never perfect, no matter how many days or weeks you spend brainstorming it.
  • The only way new offers, plans, or actions become less scary and more effective over time is with messy action and correcting as you go!

Days, weeks, and even months of brainstorming will never get you as far as just taking action!

So how do you avoid getting stuck in this brainstorming phase?  – Two ways!

1) Limit the amount of time you brainstorm and set a time to take action.

For example – with new projects I will allow myself to brainstorm for 30 minutes. I will braindump all of my ideas into the note section of my phone or in a google doc, and then set a timer for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes are up, I am finished. Then I like to step away from the project in order to ensure I stop brainstorming and come back the next day and begin to plan on how to implement. I set another 30 minutes -1hr and force myself to set a plan quickly and decisively and then walk away again. I step away for another day and then come back and start working towards this new goal or offer using the plan I set. Then as I begin to implement I will see ways to enhance what I am doing much easier because I am already in the implementation stage.

2. Get an accountability buddy!

Having someone who can keep you accountable is key in this process! Being able to set dates for things to happen, keep pushing you towards your goals, and to keep you from brainstorming vs taking action is so worth it! – The biggest online businesses owners know that having an accountability buddy or coach is one of their biggest pieces to success and it is one thing that they won’t ever change!

Now please know that I strongly encourage brainstorming and dreaming big! I believe that it is a huge piece to the puzzle when it comes to being able to take big action and scale your business, but I also know first hand that brainstorming can paralyze you if you sit in it for too long. – And I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I have made!

Set those timers, grab an accountability partner, and brainstorm your ideas – but then jump into action knowing that you are going to do amazing things along the way!

Brainstorming Checklist –

  • Set your 30 minute timer and head to a quiet and inspiring place!
  • Braindump all of your ideas into one place. ( a notebook, google doc, ect )
  • Step away from your ideas for at least a few hours, and then come back and narrow down which ideas feel the most in line with what your ultimate goal is.
  • Set another timer for 30 minutes – 1hr and take those final ideas and create an action plan.
  • Once the action plan is in place, set a date to start the plan! ( the sooner the better )
  • Share that date with an accountability partner and ask them to put it on their calendar to check in and make sure you are taking action!
  • Once that date arrives, dive in and adjust as needed! – Remember, your messy action is better than waiting months for the perfect plan!

Feel like you brainstorm 24/7 but have trouble taking action? Join us in 2020 in the Abby Waller Mastermind to take your biggest dreams and goals and turn them into reality!

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