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So, how do you spend your Saturday nights? These days mine look like driving around town and collecting items to place into a care package to send off to my husband. ( exciting, I know

Saturday night, I decided to head into downtown Tampa to hit up the Whole Foods to see if I could find some unique goodies to place into his next package. After about 30 minutes of fighting traffic and debating what I wanted to buy, I arrived at the protein bar/ trail mix aisle of Whole Foods. Now, if you have been into Whole Foods, you know how LARGE of a selection of protein products, nuts, trail mix, and chocolates there can be. 

This aisle was packed full of options, and to be honest, I had NO clue what I wanted. All I knew was I wanted healthy but different snack items I could send him. 

Seriously, think deer in the headlights kind of lost. That was me. 

After standing there and staring at the shelves for what felt like forever and picking up countless options and putting them back, one finally stood out—a Protein Oat Cluster. 

I was immediately drawn to it because it stood out from the rest by clearly boasting about how much protein it has in each serving. ( My husband is all about the extra protein, so I knew it would make him happy! ) As soon as I picked that bag up, I realized that there was another brand right next to it that was boasting a similar amount of protein as well. 

After searching the shelves again, I realized these two were the only granola/ clusters that offered “ extra “ protein. So, lucky me because I quickly went from 50+ options to 2. 

As I skimmed the ingredient and nutritional info, these clusters were practically identical. In fact, I couldn’t eliminate one just based on the facts of the product. So, then I moved onto the description of the product. 

Pack #1 boasted about its flavor states its ingredients once again. Really nothing groundbreaking that I didn’t already know…

Pack #2 painted this fun visual….

“ There is nothing quite as satisfying as reaching the top of a mountain and hoisting a big victory handful of these oat clusters to celebrate. That said, you don’t need to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to enjoy the warm, toasty goodness of these oats. With 6 grams of protein per service, they are a snack for the desk and the switchbacks.” 

So, any guesses which one I chose? 

Obviously, option 2! 

In fact, I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t checked the price until I checked out and saw that they were far pricier than Option1 that I had checked the price on! By then, I was committed and CONVINCED I had the better option of the two for my husband! 

So, why on earth am I telling you about my riveting Saturday night into the city to buy oat clusters for my husband?

Because as I walked back to the parking garage my mind began to spin. I thought about YOU and YOUR business. 

If your business was on a shelf, sitting there with 50 other photographers in your area – how would you stand out? Would you stand out? Or would you blend in with the others?

Not sure?

Well, let me ask you these two questions. 

1. What is your niche and what makes you unique within that niche?

These oat clusters ( which we will consider a niche ) were created to be protein oat clusters – which allowed them to clearly stand out from the rest of the options on that shelf! It wasn’t the brand colors or the images that caught my attention, it was how they were made for a specific purpose. 

What is your niche, and what about your process or style can help you stand out within that niche to help clearly relay your purpose to your ideal buyer? 

2. Does your message focus on facts and repeatable details? Or does it paint a picture for your target audience to want to take action and buy your services? 

The maker of the oat clusters knew their ideal buyer was someone who was active during their time off from work and needed a snack that was great protein for work and for adventure. Because of this, they made sure to clearly state that this was a “ snack for the desk and switchbacks,” they knew their audience well enough to paint a picture of how/ when they can use this product and why they need it. 

Do you do that with your services?  Or do you focus on trying to sell based on image count, time shooting, or price?

Remember how I said these clusters cost me more money than option 1? Well, I honestly didn’t mind it because their message had me convinced I had the right choice for my husband! 

Again, this is why messaging is vital within your business…

When you can make someone feel like YOU have the KEY to what they are looking for, price becomes more irrelevant!

If we place your services on a shelf next to your competition and tried to sell based on price… well, you’ll get the people who are looking for a deal. 

If you try to sell based on the idea that you give more images or time, then you’ll find clients who are constantly comparing your services, prices, image count, and time to others because they don’t know who is the best option.

BUT if you based your sales on speaking to ONE ideal purchaser and their needs, wants, and desires – you become the perfect fit and the other options ( and prices ) can quickly become irrelevant! 

Feel like you need a little extra help to nail your message? Here’s what you can do!

Watch this video inside the Scale Your Photo Biz Facebook Group on Creating Value over Visuals and answer the two questions I layout to help you gain more clarity within your message! 

*WARNING*  these questions have helped students book thousands of dollars above their standard rates because their clients saw insane value when hiring them! 

Hop on over, watch the video, and drop your questions so I can help you stand out more with your message! 

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