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The BEST Investment I made in 2018

November 16, 2018

    At the end of 2017 I made one of the biggest investments in my business that I have ever made! It was scary and exciting all at the same time! I had decided that in 2018 I was ready to truly grow my business in new ways and start planning more for the […]

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At the end of 2017 I made one of the biggest investments in my business that I have ever made! It was scary and exciting all at the same time! I had decided that in 2018 I was ready to truly grow my business in new ways and start planning more for the future of my business versus just planning on a yearly basis.  I was ready to expand and grow my business in ways I didn’t even know were possible and I knew the only way to do that was by making a big investment in a mastermind!

Now if you don’t know what a mastermind is, let me explain it real quick! – A Mastermind is a group of a group of people who get together on a regular basis to offer support, guidance, ideas, and their own skill to help others better their business while growing their own!

I had never been a part of a mastermind and didn’t really know what the dynamic would look like but I was ready to dive in and give it a shot! I could honestly talk all day about my experience, the friendships I gained, the growth I saw in my business, and so much more – I mean, honestly nothing in my business looks the same as it did when I started the mastermind 10 months ago!

Here are a few ways that my life and business have changed since joining!

  1. I Gained a Support System and New Friends that I Couldn’t Image not Having! ‘

A year ago I was searching for a support system and more friends in the industry who understood me, my job, and that my life was hectic! I needed a group who I could tell my fears and accomplishments to, people who could help guide me when I felt confused, and people who I felt I could just let the walls down around and be myself! I found this 10xs by joining in on a mastermind group! – Think about this like a year long group chat with your close business besties, that includes getting to travel together and brainstorm at retreats 3xs a year, and getting to see them on video chats every month! It is the BEST!

     2.  My Confidence Changed!

A Mastermind does a lot of things and one BIG thing is it changes the way you view you life, business, and yourself! Instead of entering into new projects scared and unsure, you enter in with confidence because you have a group of people cheering you on! You have a support system to bounce ideas off of, you have others to review and test ideas before launching, you have others who can help you advertise it or use their special gifts to enhance it!

Not only did my confidence change in my business and products but also in myself! I no longer wrapped my identity up into one area of my business! I had 20 other people looking at me telling me an outsider’s view of me and my business and hardly ever did I hear “ you are a good photographer!”. I wrapped myself up in that identity for so long that it was hard to see past it at times and grow in confidence, but when others looked at me and didn’t see that at all I realized that there was so much more to who I was!

      3. I Work with More Intention!

I no longer chase after “ all the things”.  I don’t watch what others in my industry are doing that I would normally feel like I should be doing, I no longer care about the new marketing strategy someone uses, and I don’t really have any interest on anything that doesn’t directly relate to me! The reason for this is because I work with intention now instead of constantly looking left to right to see what others are doing! Being a part of a mastermind taught me that everyone is at different points in the race and their is no reason to compare myself to them especially when we all have a different desired outcome!

      4. My Income has Raised!

When you surround yourself with people who have successful business and are invested in being the best version of themselves, it rubs off on you! The ideas, the passion, the work ethic, it all becomes a part of who you are and in return your business thrives!! Plus, being able to see how others run their business allows you to find new and exciting ways to grow that may be unique to your area or industry!

     5. My Passions have Changed!

I always viewed the growth in my business to look very different than it does now. The reason for that though is because I was looking all around for inspiration on the next steps instead of looking at myself and asking what I WANTED! What I wanted and what I thought I wanted were two totally different things and once I quit looking to others for guidance I got a clear view of that and allowed my passions to lead me!

If you are in a place in your business where you believe you are ready to take the next steps and grow your brand, your income, create amazing industry friends, work more strategically, and gain confidence – then I highly recommend joining a mastermind in 2019!

I have officially launched the Abby Waller 2019 Mastermind and I would LOVE to chat with you to see if it would be a good fit for you and your business! If you are interested in learning more, click HERE to contact me directly and I would be happy to share all of the information with you! 2019 has the potential to be the BEST year for both you and your business and I would LOVE to help make that happen! 





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    Hey there, I’m Abby Waller! 

    I’m a photographer and business coach for photographers who loves teaching sales psychology and marketing techniques that will help photogs scale their businesses with ease. I believe that you can have all the passion in the world but without a strong sales process rooted in proven tactics you are missing out on a ton of high quality sales. 

    I started this business when I turned 19 and dropped out of college. I had a burning passion to be a photographer and knew I wasn’t going to learn what I needed to be successful in the classroom. Fast forward 6 years and now I run a 6-figure business teaching other photographers how to chase their dreams, confidently raise their prices, and master the art of selling. 

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