Ready for your services to be seen as a *no-Brainer*?

Create captivating copy that easily makes your services the ONLY option for your dream clients! 

Create captivating copy that easily makes your services the ONLY option for your dream clients! 

Let's be honest, you work hard enough behind the scenes of your business to create a top-notch experience for your clients, so you shouldn't have to be jumping through hoops to convince people to hire you too! 

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Value Building Website Blueprint

You could spend thousands...

As a photographer and business owner, your plate is full. Between client communication, editing, shooting, marketing, and just keeping up with all of the odds and ends; you don't always have endless time to pour into keeping your website up to date. 

So, you think to yourself, " I will just hire someone to update it for me," but then comes the shock of that price tag! You don't have thousands lying around for custom copy or someone to rework your website template to give it more impact.

But, what if YOU could do it yourself quickly and confidently?

Writing your own copy might feel daunting for a few reasons...

Problem No. 01

You have never been taught how to speak about your business so you are worried you won't say the right things to drum up ideal leads! ( AKA you feel like you aren't 'good at writing' )

Problem No. 02

You have tried to write your own copy before but it took WEEKS and you still didn't love the end product. 

Problem No. 03

You hardly have time to tackle your regular to-do list each week, how are you going to write a full website in a timely manner?

You Need

A clear plan of action

You need a blueprint in your back-pocket that will allow you to easily update your website copy for years to come without playing a guessing game. 

A simple approach

Listen, you could spend hours writing copy and jumping through hoops while doing it, or you could follow an approach that has allowed me to write 20+ websites for clients in under a day.


Do you want to be able to press publish on your website and then confidently share it with the world?? I think yes! The WORST feeling is having a website that you don't feel confident in and silently cringe to yourself when someone asks for a link.


The Value Building Website Blueprint

Create captivating copy that tells the story of your business while elevating the value of your portfolio so that your dream clients can see your services as a no-brainer investment!

BluePrint breakdown:

Value Building Trainings 

Before digging into writing your website, we have two twenty-minute trainings designed to help get you in the right headspace and help you dial in on what your clients see as valuable information vs fluffy information. 

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Website Blueprints + Video Tutorials

Once you are ready to start writing your website pages, you can access your blueprint through a Google doc! Each document breaks down what to write, in the order it needs to be written, and how to make sure each section of your website makes a true impact! I even write an entire website as an example through our video walkthroughs! 

We included a blueprint + video tutorial for your home page, about page, and service page.

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Refine Your Copy

Once your copy is written, we will walk you through how to refine it to ensure it is clear, concise, and impactful! This extra step will take your copy from good to copy-writer status! 

Teach Me Plz


Optimize your Pricing PAGE Copy! 

The Pricing Page Blueprint

Writing pricing pages ( or pricing guides for some of you ) stresses so many photographers out because it seems like a big make-or-break moment in your sales process. But, if you have followed the website blueprint, then the pricing page blueprint is a piece of cake to implement and will have your clients hyped to say, "Send me a contract!" 

Access the Pricing Page Blueprint + Video Walkthrough! 

How does this sound?



Write website copy that you are confident is telling a story that is making an impact on your readers!


Streamline the writing process by following a blueprint that let's me write websites in one day!


Know that your copy is connecting the dots for your clients on the things they really care about. 


Never feel like your website copy isn't good enough or avoid sending people there. 


Let your website do the heavy lifting and sell for you! 

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Take a look inside!

Click play and get a glance at the blueprint hub! 

Your website template might be losing you sales...

If there is one thing that most photography website templates lack, it is giving you enough space to write engaging copy.

Most photography website templates focus on showcasing your portfolio and reviews, and while those elements are essential, copy will set you apart and seal the deal. 

If you want to take your business to the next level with clients who are emailing you already excited to hire you, the simplest way there is through compelling copy. 

I used to be the person who felt like they were never a good writer... 

In fact, I have paid tens of thousands of dollars over the last 10 years to have copy written for me.

But, each time my business hit a new milestone or slightly pivoted, that copy needed to be re-done. After a while, I got fed up with constantly feeling like I needed someone else to help me move my business forward, so I learned how to do it myself. 

Knowing how to effectively  share your message is a game-changer

Once you crack this code, nothing can hold you back!

For the last 3 years, I have been re-writing and re-building websites alongside my clients using my proven blueprint for building a profitable website. While I fully believe that there is real value in working with a copywriter, you also need to understand how to effectively communicate your brand's value on your own - because if you can't articulate your value in your copy, how can you market or sell effectively during consultations?

This is why I spent months turning my blueprint into an outline that you can follow and implement within your business over and over. 

Go at your own pace

Reuse this blueprint over and over

Get video tutorials for your entire webiste

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to write a magnetic website

This blueprint includes

Stop spinning your wheels and stalling the growth of your business by having a website that DOESN'T showcase the true value of you, your portfolio, and your experience. 


you need

to write a Magnetic webiste

Let's do this thing.



Are these fill in the blank templates?

NO. This blueprint is NOT a fill-in-the-blank copy template. Instead, we walk you through an outline of what to say and give you prompts/examples for how to write it in your own words. The last thing you want is for your website to sound like someone else; this is why we are offering a blueprint, not an actual template. The blueprint is how we know that even if ten other people in your market snag this offer, their copy WILL be different than yours. 

Are there exmaples?

YES! Each webpage blueprint comes with it's own video tutorial. Inside those videos, I write an entire example website so that you can see exactly how I would implement this process! Plus, you can write your copy inside the document I am walking you through so that you can write and look at the example in one place! 

What if I am not clear on my message?

Before we dive into writing your homepage, I take you through a quick exercise I always do before I write any website to help being the core elements of my message to the forefront.  As long as you know what services you are promoting, who is buying them, and some basic goals you have for your services/ experience - we can help you work through the rest inside! 

Take your website to the next level

And be fully in control of how people view your business, value your portfolio, and how excited  they are to hire you!

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