On a scale of 1-10 how confident are you when it comes to booking the leads that land in your inbox?

Honestly, anything less than a 10 is a red flag

Honestly, anything less than a 10 is a red flag

If you can not be 100% confident in what you are putting in front of clients, your booking process, and how people perceive your business; your clients can't have full confidence in you. 

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Abby Waller

Your confidence get's transferred to your clients during the sale, so if your confidence is wavering, theirs will be too. 

Years ago I heard someone say...

But it's easy to get worn down. Leads land in your inbox week after week, yet you are still left with an empty bank account. 

You feel like you are jumping through hoops to get attention and questioning every move because nothing seems to be clicking consistently. 

It usually goes like this: 
You get sporadic sales; you ride the adrenaline for a week, then your confidence begins to spiral again once a few inquiries don't reply. 

Is it your packages?
Is it your prices?
Is it you?
Is it your market?

You honestly don't know anymore. 


But, there is one thing I have learned about creating sales for your business 

One small tweak can be the difference between no bookings and a booked out calendar. 
One small tweak can be the difference between a 3k sale and a 8k sale. 
One small tweak can transform your business and create security. 

we always think huge overhauls are needed when things aren't working in our favor, but a little clarity and strategic refinement can easily change the game.  

Do any of these sound  like you?


You would love to break into a higher-end market but don't see how it is possible if you can't even book consistently right now. 


Following-up with inquiries feels like throwing darts in the dark at this point... 


You feel like if you an just get people on a consultation call you can really wow them and make them see why you are the best choice


Your inquiries drag on and on for weeks on end and even after the consultation wraps, up they still need more time to talk it over. 

Listen, these can all be really easy fioxes

Booking doesn't have to be a struggle, but you have to be willing to change your approach

When things aren't working, our initial response is one of two things - 
1) Tear it all down and re-build 
2) Do MORE of what isn't working to try to force it to work

Here is why those are both a problem...

Tearing it all down to rebuilds means you are possibly getting rid of the pieces that ARE working and blindly replacing them with strategies that might not work! 

And doing MORE of what isn't working now won't magically make it work. If people don't respond on a small scale, they definitely won't on a larger scale. 

Instead, we need to look at the big picture and make small tweaks to fill in the gaps. 


The Closing Blueprint 

Our 3 step blueprint for ensuring your business is set up to close leads with confidence and ease.

Inside the blueprint, we share our most impactful tactics that have helped our clients and students turn their inquiries into clients the same week they inquire.
( Ideally within 3 days or less! ) 

From ensuring your offers are set-up to convert, perfecting your sales process, confidently approaching and navigating consultations, and strategically presenting your pricing - we are strengthening your entire sales process each step of the way!

oh, and we can't forget

Your Inquiry + Follow-Up Templates!

No more wasting time writing and re-writing emails to send. You can just copy + past and fill in a few blanks before confidently pressing send! 

Plus, our follow-up email templates are worth this whole course alone! We don't do basic " checking in, do you have any questions?" emails. Those are boring and get overlooked. Instead, we have a full strategy behind each email that allows your follow-ups to be impactful and build on top of each other to create urgency and demand for your business. 

I need these!

“Out of all of the things you have created, the follow-up emails are superior.”

— Aly Matei Photography

Every time I use these emails people respond and get on a call with me - even if it has been weeks since we spoke! 

Getting more inquiries isn't the solution to your booking problem. 

I hear it all the time, "I'm not booking. I need to get more inquiries so I can get clients on the books", but the reality is, more people inside of a broken sales process = more frustration, more ghosting, and more spinning of your wheels. 

If you want more bookings, we first need to plug the holes in your booking process in order to ensure you can maximize your results once you get your leads. 

If you are getting even a few leads in the door but they aren't booking, you have a broken sales process - and that should be your #1 priority. 

kind words

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

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Your ticket to higher and more consistent sales! 

This client came to me back in 2021 when her prices ranged from 4k-6k for weddings. She was terrified to go above 6k but knew she was worth it and needed to make them jump. 

So, we made multiple MINOR tweaks to her sales process and by 2022 she was booking 8k weddings easily.

We did NOT redo her whole booking process. 
We did NOT scrap all of her packages and rebuild them to make them flashier. 
She did NOT go and pay a website designer for a new website. 
She did NOT post on social media 50 times a week... Heck, sometimes she didn't even post at all. 

Last year, in 2023, she went on to send multiple 5-figure quotes - one even as large as 16k! 

She did nothing groundbreaking and had no special secret, she just knew that her power to control sales and make more money relied on her sales process and how clients viewed her business. 

By may, she already had 30k more in payments made than the previous year! 
... and by December, she had 2.5xs this number!!

You say you want clients who value you and pay your prices, but you question your prices each time you hit the 'send' button.

You know you are leaving money on the table by not having a strong follow-up, but you just keep sending the same boring follow-up email. 

You say you want clients who value your  industry knowledge and experience , but you  don't know how to lead them through the sales process in a way that shows it. 

You say you want ( and need ) to raise your prices, but you question yourself each time you try and give up.

You say you want a business that can move into a higher-end market so you can shoot less and make more, but you refuse to do the uncomfortable mental shifts needed. 

You say your business is to help and serve your clients but you make more decisions based on what you 'think' your clients want vs what you know they need.

Let's change this  →

The Modules

no. 01

The 4 Sale Drivers

Let's create alignment, urgency, demand, and safety within your offers so your clients can quickly say YES! By breaking down the 4 core areas that drive sales for your photo business, we will walk you through how to create offers and position your service for fast commitments. 

no. 02

Mastering Your Sales Process

If you are tired of wondering if you are checking the right boxes once a potential client inquires or if you feel like your potential clients seem to fall in love with you and then suddenly 'decide to go in a different direction' - we are going to help you take full control of this sale! Plus, we are going to cover important pieces like how to get consults within 48 hours, how to lead them to book within days of inquiry, how to navigate booking roadblocks, and our signature follow-up process for ghosted leads, 

no. 03

Your Pricing Presentation

Price tags aren't the issue, it's your presentation. It's the lack of value building. It's the overwhelm of seeing so many numbers that your clients don't know what to select. 
In this module, we simplify what needs to be on your pricing page, the order it needs to be placed in, and how to present your pricing in a way the reduces sticker shock and allows clients to see the value of your offer, not fixate on a price. 

I sat in the car for the next 12 hours as I drove home feeling crushed. I had invested thousands into learning how to take my business to the next level just to be told I would fail if I raised my prices to the price tag I was desperately needing to hit. 

It wasn't that I didn't have the momentum, the clients, or the experience to hold-up that price but my coach had a belief that there wasn't enough people in the price bracket to buy my packages. 

WHOA was that a lie. 

I quickly realized I didn't need 100 people buying my services, I needed 25 -30. 25-30 people who would see my value and happily invest in me. So, I made the jump and my business and profits exploded once again. 

In the end, I realized the price tag was never the problem. It came down to me being confident enough to lead my clients through the booking process, build their trust, and allow them to see that investing in my services wouldn't be a mistake. 

It was all about perspective, not a silly little number I placed next to some words on my website.  Once my perspective changed, so did my bank account. 

You don't have to struggle

Our proven process has been used by 100+ photographers who have seen clients go from inquiry to booked within hours of their initial email hitting their inbox! 

Listen, what you now charge 3k for can become a 7k package. Or, what you charge $200 for, can become a $700 payment really easily. It's not about doing or being more, it's about how you and your business are perceived. 

When it comes to replying to inquiries and making sales, we always question everything we do. Did we do enough? Did we say the right things? Did we check all of the boxes or did we forget something? It's time to take the guesswork out of this process and know your sales process is buttoned up and ready to convert any lead that comes in your inbox.

Booking clients can feel easy and stress free

But, guessing games aren't the way ...

Just tossing packages together you think people will like, stressing over number psychology, and offering add-ons that appear flashy and cool will only get you so far. 

You need an overall strategy. You need your packages, booking system, messaging, and urgency tactics to align in a way that speaks to your ideal client. 

It is time to ditch piecing together random strategies to see what works, you'll never get the traction you desire by placing band-aids throughout your business.

your energy and confidence dictates the sale


Is this for me even if I am newer in business? 

Yes! Honestly, it does not matter what stage of business you are in. I have had new business owners walk through this process and see amazing results and bookings begin to fly in, and I have seen seasoned business owners take this and their booking process become more streamlined and simple. If you feel like you don't have a real game-plan on how to book, navigate situations throughout the booking process , or have any true sales psychology backing up the things you do within your sales process - this will be game changing for you! 

How long until I can see results?

Results are based on A LOT of things, but I can tell you people have purchased, watched, implemented, and seen results the same week! Why can results happen this quickly? Because you are implementing a strategy that was built in sales psychology and each action you take strategically builds on top of each other to create massive momentum within your business. This process allows your business to work for you, not you constantly trying to push it forward. 

What can I expect inside?

You get lifetime access to 3 core modules that walk you through how to create offers that are aligned and simplified for your buyers, how to strategically move them through the booking process, how to strategically respond to emails and follow-up like a pro, the magic tactics I have used for years to get clients booked within 2-3 days of inquiry, and how to position your pricing to keep clients from focusing on a price tag because you are leading with value. 

How long will this take to complete?

Inside, there are 10 videos trainings that range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. In total, there is just over 4.5 hours of content to go through that you could easily binge and implement in one week! Most students take 2-3 weeks to work through it when implementing in their spare time. 

What if I don't run consultations?

This will still 100% be helpful and relevant for you! I use these same strategies ( even the consultation strategies ) with my clients who book families, seniors, branding, etc. You don't need to run consultations for this to be relevant. Our of the 10 videos inside, only one is dedicated to consultations. ( and I would still recommend watching it because I know it's information you can use elsewhere in your sales process! ) We also include an email template for inquiry responses for those who don't need to set-up consultations to book! 

I was a past PPIC or PSS student - do I need this?

Nope! You have this inside of your course hub already! 

in yourself is never a 


Especially when you are investing in a strategy for your business that will help you bring more stability, confidence, and clarity to your processes. 

Going to the next level, breaking into a higher end market, or just booking more clients in general doesn't need to involve jumping through hoops - unless you just enjoy working harder. 

Let's Do This Thing →