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Three Things You Should Be Sharing On Social Media





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Instagram and Facebook are not the same places they were a few years ago.

When I started my business, those who saw Success on social media platforms were the ones who were consistently pushing out the most significant amount of contact. Timelines were in order, everyone saw your post, and the more you showed up in their feed, the faster you grew.

Check out these three things you should be sharing on social media below!

Three Things You Should Be Sharing On Social Media

While some of those things are still relevant, social media has changed significantly over the last couple of years. Now, it’s not so much about the volume of content you put out but the quality of the content you put out…and I don’t mean pretty images or a feed that matches perfectly when it comes to quality contact.

So here are three tips for creating more content that connects and primes people to buy from you in a way that showcases your value and uniqueness. 

1. Share what you love shooting, and then share the story behind it.

If you love black and white photos because they feel classy and full of emotion, who cares if they don’t match your feed. Share about your love of them and why you love them, and share it often because the right people will connect with it. If you love evening portraits, but maybe they don’t flow with your feed well, who cares. There are brides out there who love bright and airy photographers and equally love a solid nighttime portrait as well. 

When you can share the things that you love freely, without worrying whether or not they match your Instagram feed, you’re going to be able to connect with more people who value your skills, and they will see the value in what you were showcasing as well.

2. You need to remember that people make buying decisions not just because they see something pretty, like your photos.

They may buy decisions off of things that make them feel good, feel secure, things they desire, and things that they know they need to do but just need some encouragement with. So a great way to start warming people up to buying from you and your services is to share how you would make your sessions easy or help them plan. Share about how you make your clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Share about your processes so they know what it looks like to hire a photographer if they’ve never hired one before. 

You need to remember that your content isn’t just about the people following you. It’s about your future followers also. What do your future followers need to know about you and your services to make an easy and well-educated decision to work with you

3. You should be sharing things that highlight your skillset and your strengths.

Suppose you can turn a horribly yellow bridal getting-ready photo into a gorgeous white room. In that case, Share a before and after of those edits! This helps your clients feel confident that you’re going to turn their photos into something beautiful, even in a less-than-ideal situation. 

Another example would be, If you are a family photographer and know how difficult it can be to get kids to cooperate for photos, then share your experience on social media and tell parents the process that you take with their kids to make sure that they are smiling for photos and having a good time so the parents can relax. 

Again, this isn’t just about sharing your pretty photos; it’s about sharing your experience, skills, strengths, and how they play into giving your client an amazing experience and photographs.

The content that I listed above helps you showcase what makes you unique and give a client a complete overview of your experience. It will help you turn the people you already have in your following into amazing ideal clients and referral sources so that you’re not always having to go and search for new leads.

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