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I’m going to take a wild guess, and say that you probably spend a lot of nights thinking about how you can stand out in your market more. I think we all know that to book our calendars and see big results in our business we need to be able to stand out and showcase what makes us different.

The truth is, carving out your own space in your industry doesn’t have to be hard.

How to carve out your own space in the industry

I’m going to take another wild guess here and say that if you’re reading this blog post then you probably feel like your market is overly saturated which is one of the reasons why you are struggling to stand out. You feel like all the other photographers who are seeing success must have some magic secret that they are holding back, and it is allowing them to attract all of the right clients. And the reality is, they do have something different. And it’s their message.

Your message can propel your business forward, or hold it back. It can cause you to blend in, or massively stand out against the crowd of hundreds/thousands of other photographers  

Now obviously there isn’t just one thing or one secret that’s going to allow you to carve out your niche in your space, but there are a few strategic questions you can ask yourself to make sure that your message is standing out and attracting the right people.

The number one question though is, what strengths do you have that play a role in getting your clients a specific outcome in your business.

For example – 

  • Are you super type A personality, and does that play into your clients having a well-detailed and organized experience with you.
  • Do you have a very bubbly personality that can make anyone feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera?
  • Are you a husband and wife team which means that both the bride and the groom will feel comfortable in front of the camera while working with you on their wedding day?
  • Are you a mom who understands the struggles of getting little kids to cooperate for photos? If so, that is a superpower that can be utilized in your messaging.

The thing that makes certain people stand out to clients is their ability to showcase how they serve, and how they do it well. When you can market your business based on your strengths and how they play a role in allowing your clients to get the outcome they desire from your services, then your services will feel unique and desirable to the right people.

Think about it like this…

If a bride is looking for a photographer and she was a bridesmaid in her Best Friend’s Wedding which was completely hectic and ran over timeline, and then she sees a photographer who is openly sharing that they very type A personality and go into a wedding day well-organized and ready to accomplish the task and a way that’s going to guarantee a specific outcome, that bride is going to feel attached to that photographer. 

Or, think about a mom who is looking to take family photos. Maybe her kids are going through a phase where they just hate having their photos taken, well if you’re a mom and you’re openly sharing about how you struggle also to get your kids to take photos but you have a few tricks up your sleeve that always works, that Mom’s going to feel comfortable investing in your services because she knows you know where she is right now and what she struggling with. 

Now, this approach means at the worst thing you can do for your business is look at other people’s websites and try to piece together what they have done or what they are doing to see you now. If you were trying to piece together success for yourself based on someone else’s messaging, that is never going to allow you to stand out and carve out your own space in your market.

The only thing that’s going to allow you to carve out your own space and see results…

is leaning into what you do best and how you serve best, and marketing those things so that way clients know exactly what they’re going to get from you and your services.

Ready to dig deeper into your messaging and figure out how you can stand out and attract the right people who are going to see the value in your services? Grab the Profitable a Photographers framework right here and learn the four-step process to running a more profitable photography business.

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