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5 Things You Need Before Marketing Your Services





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Want to know a really common mistake Photographers make when it comes to marketing their services?

They are posting without any strategy to support their actions. And if you’ve been around here for a while, you know just how much I love strategy and how important it is to have a successful photography business.

So keep on reading and we will break down the five things you need before marketing your services in order to successfully market your photography services.

1. Do you know who you’re talking to?

Saying that you’re trying to attract brides, moms, businesses, or seniors isn’t enough. You need to know the personalities of those people. 

What do they value? 

What are their concerns or their fears? 

What are they struggling with? 

What do they find I’m using or helpful? 

You need to know those things to capture someone’s attention effectively. 

2. You need to know what steps you need those followers need to take once you do capture their attention.

What calls to action are you going to give them? What thing do they need to do next to get more information? 

Is it going to the link in your profile to look at something closer? Tell them that. 

Is there more information on your blog? Tell them that. 

You need to point them in the next direction. Just capturing their attention and then doing nothing with it is a huge disservice to your business.

When you get someone’s attention, ALWAYS use it to create traction or baby steps towards your services. 

3. Understand how to sell your services.

Just like step number two, if you don’t know how to effectively sell what it is that you are providing to potential clients, then you’re doing a huge disservice to your business, your clients, and your talent. Believe it or not, your potential clients want to be sold to. They want what you have, and they want you to tell them more about it. When you can master being able to sell in a way that feels natural, and showcases your talents, your marketing efforts will pay off

4. Remember that the photo and the caption are equally important.

As photographers, we get so caught up in posting the perfect photo, but I can tell you people don’t care quite as much as they used to about perfect feeds. They want things that feel real and they want to know if they can relate to you. Obviously, a cohesive feel is Important to an extent, but perfect feeds? Not important. So instead of stressing over what photo to post, dial in on the caption. Make sure that what you are sharing actually brings value to your client.

People stick around when they find platforms that educate, inspire, entertain, or add value to their life. Fit into one of those categories and you’ll see traction! 

Saying something simple like,

 “look at this pretty ring” 

“I had a great time photographing this family” 

” their session was so much fun”

Those things don’t bring any value to your clients. Instead, think about how are you can educate them, encourage them, show them behind the scenes, promote your business. Those are the things that bring value to your clients and really capture their attention so they want to keep looking through your photos and diving deeper into your content. The deeper the dive into your posts, the more hooked they get, and the greater chance you have of turning them into a client

5. Do your best to niche down your services.

Do you offer four packages, but only two of them tend to sell? Then get rid of the excess that is not moving your business forward. Why do I say this? Because it is far easier to sell less options to make more money. Fewer services mean that your clients can focus on what will give them the desired results from your business. Also, fewer services allow you to hone in on your messaging and who you’re marketing to so that way your message is so clear that potential clients can’t miss the fact that the service is for them. The more options there are and the more people you’re speaking to, the more confused clients will be about your services and the true value of them

Want to learn about the three Ps of marketing and snag a breakdown of how to write captions that make people believe that your services are for them? Then grab our free Profit Playbook for photographers and learn how to take followers you already have and turn them into clients.

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