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3 Mistakes that are Causing You to NOT Close Sales





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Can I tell you a secret about making more sales? You have FULL control over your ability to sell more whenever you want! 

When it comes to selling our services, we think that things dictate our success are – 

  • How many years we have behind the camera
  • What others are charging 
  • What we ask our friends and family what they would pay 
  • If someone is willing to pay or not to pay 
  • Do we give enough photos 
  • How much is in our packages 

But the truth is those things don’t actually dictate as much of your sales as you think they do! I want to give you a few quick tips on how you can clearly relay your value to clients in order to sell your services easier, faster, and more efficiently than ever before! Here are three common mistakes I see being made by photographers who are struggling to book more of their services! 

Mistake 1 – Thinking more options = more money

Sadly, this isn’t true. It can very likely have the opposite effect. 

So this might come in the form of offer more packages and order to span different price points, or even having  an excess amount of add on options in order to convince clients to add more onto their packages.

 Now, I am NOT saying multiple packages or add-ons are bad. That  is 100% not what I’m saying here. What I’m saying is, having too many options just for the sake of spanning different price ranges, is going to hurt you more in the long run. 

More options actually brings in something called decision fatigue and when decision fatigue sets in, your client is actually more likely to study a price tag before making a decision. 

When things feel overwhelming , or like you just can’t make a decision, your brain goes into this mode of wanting to make a safe decision.  Safe decisions usually equal cheaper options in order to not make a bad decision. 

Mistake 2 – Not having a signature service 

Not having a signature service to build instant credibility and desire within your services. 

Calling one of your packages or services your “signature” tells potential clients a few things – 

  1. That those who have left a review probably had that service and clearly loved it 
  2. That the signature service is a “safe” investment because it guarantees results because it feels “ proven” and “ successful” 
  3. Signature services feel higher-end and can be priced at a higher price tag

Mistake 3 – Thinking that facts of a package will sell 

As humans, we are wired to emotionally connect and then we justify our emotions in order to buy.

What does this mean? It means image count, price, session times, outfit changes, etc – don’t matter nearly as much as we think they do in the final decisions!

If you are constantly trying to sell based on the idea of trying to outprice or outpackage other photographers in your area it just wont work in the way you hope it will! 

You need to use emotion in order to connect clients to your services. Whether that looks like storytelling, sharing reviews and experiences, or your why behind what you do for clients – those are the things that allow you to stand out and make the investment seam more valuable. Then, clients can look at the facts of your package and say “ you know, this a great option and I LOVE it!” 

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