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3 Sales Tips for Turning Inquires into Clients





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Not having the best success with turning those inquiries into clients?

I get it, some months it can feel like you are riding the struggle bus and can’t seem to get those seemingly perfect inquiries to turn into perfect clients. You try your trusted tactics that you thought worked, you try new approaches, you search the internet for tips, and you even ask friends and family… but ya still feel a bit stuck. 

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you get in that rut is go back to the basics. 

Back to the basics of sales.

Back to the basics of marketing. 

Back to the basics of building a message that stands out.

So, let’s go over 3 of those basic principles that you should lean on when it comes to figuring out why your services might not be flying off the shelves. 

1. People buy what they want, not what they need

You need to sell people on the idea of what they want, and then provide them what they need once they become clients.

Example – People don’t want 20 images at your mini session. They want a session that provides them with updated images of their family for their gallery wall at home without the big time commitment that a full session brings. So, you sell them on the idea of a quick and easy session to capture new images of their family to hang in their home and then you provide them with the need – the 20 images!  Sell the want ( because it is a desire ) and the give them the need to get the desired outcome ( which is what they get when they invest )  

2. Emotion & logic

There are two types of buyers out there you should focus on, emotional and logical. Logical buyers read the fine print and want all the details, the emotional buyers take action when things feel good and make them excited. Make sure your website/ marketing speaks to both buyers equally! 

Emotional buyers want you to speak to their wants and desired outcome, they respond to stories that paint a picture of what you do, they make buying decisions based on their gut feeling about you, and they can easily be swayed by testimonials from others! 

Logical buyers want to know the details, facts, what your process is like, they want to trust you as a professional, and want to see proof that you can give the outcome you are promoting! 

3.Deadlines and Scarcity should be your BFFs

Never leave an inquiry with an open-ended timeframe to take action. Let them know if sign-ups close on a certain date, if slots are limited, or if their quote expires within a certain timeframe. As humans, we are designed to be cautious. It is in our nature to want to feel secure at all times and because of this, we won’t make fast decisions ( especially ones that cost thousands of dollars ) without a nudge. 

Adding a sense of urgency through scarcity or timelines is the perfect way to give your potential client a nudge to act fast without being pushy! 

So, which one of these tactics are you going to implement today to help turn more of those inquiries into paying clients? 

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