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3 Pricing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success





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I get it, there’s tons of advice out there about pricing. Some of it’s really good, and some of it just isn’t helpful and are complete pricing myths. A lot of times we tend to believe that we have to have our pricing perfect in order to generate sales and that just isn’t the case.

I want to take a second just to walk you through three really common myths that are keeping photographers stuck from being able to charge their dream prices and make the profit they desire in their business.

Pricing Myth #1: I can’t book due to cheaper photographers in my area.


If you are blaming other people for your lack of bookings, you can’t control your success. We are the ones who are in control of our success, so when you push the blame off on someone else you are saying that person is in charge of your success – which just isn’t true.
If you find yourself losing clients to cheaper photographers often, then you need to look at two things.

Are you promoting your services somewhere you can get high-quality leads?

Are you showcasing the value of your services enough to make them stand out?

If you focus on high-quality leads and showing what makes your services valuable to your client, then losing clients to cheaper photographers won’t be your concern anymore.

Pricing Myth #2: I need to ask others what they think my work is worth to make sure I price myself correctly!


Okay, let’s be real honest here with this one – this does NOT help you!

Not sure what I am talking about? There has been this trend going around inside of photography Facebook groups where people say something like, “Here is the link to my website, will you tell me what you think my work is worth?’”

Every time I see these threads, I cringe because you are asking hundreds of people what they would pay for your work, and they probably aren’t your ideal client! I get it; they understand the industry and value photography – but that doesn’t make them your perfect client.

This question ends up boxing you into a price range that total strangers are telling you that you should be with no real understanding of your business or the people you serve!

Pricing Myth #3: If I am not booking, I am probably in a pricing dead zone.


Okay, this one needs to be seriously addressed because I hate seeing advice thrown around about dead zones. I am going to make a really strong statement here, but just trust me and let me explain…

You can book at any price you desire.
…and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

If you are going to blame your lack of booking on the price tag you put on your services then you aren’t trying hard enough to learn how to sell your services. That might seem harsh but it is the reality.

Sure, some numbers read better than others – but a number switch won’t automatically take you from being ghosted to rolling in clients.

Let’s use the example of cameras here for a sec. Canon doesn’t care how much you think their camera should cost, nor do they worry if you can’t afford it because someone else out there can. This is why cameras and their gear spread a range of thousands of dollars and Canon can still sell their top-dollar gear daily.

People desire better quality.
People desire to say they have the best of the best.
People desire gear that makes their job easier.

This is why you break down and spend thousands of dollars on gear that spans a wide range of prices. There are photographers out there who will buy the gear they desire, even if the price point is high.

The same goes for your services. There are people out there who you can sell to at any price point if you have set your services up to be desirable for them!

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