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Today I’m sharing how to showcase your value by using these two important questions. As photographers, we believe that the visual aspects of our business will be the thing that leads us to success.

For example

  • We think that if we work hard and post everyday on social media, that will automatically relate to more sales.
  • We then believe that more sales will give us money to put towards a custom website to look higher end.
  • Then, that custom website will lead to standing out in your market, which will lead to higher sales because things look better!
  • Then the hope is that those sales will automatically lead to being full time!

Now, this thought process isn’t wrong.
Nice websites can lead to more sales
Posting every day does generate brand awareness.

how to showcase your value as a photographer to book more clients

BUT… the problem is that we spend so much time, effort, and money on the visual aspects of your business that we forget to focus on the message our business sends out through websites and social media posts.

The truth is…

  • Your portfolio can be great, but not generate a connection with your message
  • If your website, emails, social platforms, and website have been pieced together over time by countless tips and tricks without a clear strategy it will cause your message to fall flat
  • If you are throwing together a message you THINK will connect with your ideal but you don’t know for sure if it does, your missing out on connection with a lot of people

Your brand’s message has the ability to immediately uplevel your portfolio, or drag down the value of it.

You could easily have a portfolio that would support 5k packages, but if your brand’s message is out of alignment with your ideal client – you might have trouble booking over 3,500

BUT If you nail your messaging even with a small portfolio, you could easily pull in $3,500 clients even though others who are more experienced than you get stuck with budget clients

So many times we want to focus on making things look pretty but then run out of time to do the work to make that presentation stand out!

Hopefully you can see what I am getting at here. If your messaging is off and not connecting, I don’t care how good your visuals are you won’t get the high paying clients you desire because they won’t be able to fully connect to what makes you unique.

Your message is the ONLY thing that is going to ultimately add perceived value to your service by showcasing an outcome that you will provide your clients if they choose to invest in you.

I am going to give you two quick questions you can dive into to help refine your message right out of our Profitable Photographer’s Playbook for Avoiding Ghosting

Question #1:

What do you feel your strengths are within your business and how does that play out into giving your clients a good experience?

Question #2:

What words or phrases have you heard your clients use before to describe your services? Or what they desire out of them!

If you can answer those two questions and work it into your messaging you will see a really simple yet effective shift in how your message is delivered and received in order to make more impact and connections through the visual aspects of your brand!

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