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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Biz





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After almost six years of running my business, I have definitely learned a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to running a business that is not only successful but also feels light and enjoyable.  Here are the five mistakes to avoid that I would tell to anyone starting their business.

1. Don’t jump into marketing on all the platforms too soon

You have probably heard people say they have found Success on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, with blogging and SEO, with Tik-Tok now, and so many other places. It probably feels overwhelming, and you probably think that you need to do all the things to see Success. The reality is, Success comes from finding one place that you feel comfortable and digging your heels into.

I have gone through seasons in my business where I only use Facebook. I have gone through seasons where I have used all the platforms. I have gone through seasons where I didn’t blog for an entire year. I have gone through seasons where Pinterest has been my number one source for leads. Every season I have been in with my marketing has supported a different season in my business, but all of them were still able to bring me Success when I dug my heels and focused my attention there.

So, pick where you feel comfortable and confident, and then dig in your heels and show up consistently. Almost anything will work when it gets proper attention.

 2. Keep your offers simple

 Do not offer everything under the sun in your business. The truth is the less you offer, the more you can refine what you do provide and make it the best product or service. Not only that, but it is ten times easier to sell one product than it is to sell 10 products. So dial in on your ideal service, get good at showing up and marketing that service, and then add more as you grow.

 3. Get covered legally

I get it, legal stuff is scary and confusing and can feel overwhelming to talk about and consider when starting a business. But I highly recommend you check out my girl, The Legal Paige, because she will help you with all of your legal concerns and documents. Paige is a good friend, a fantastic lawyer, and a photographer – so she knows exactly what it is that you need to protect your photography business.  

Paige will make sure that you are protected without having to jump through many hoops to get the legal side of your business figure it out.

Plus, all of my followers get a special discount code so use code ABBY at checkout and you’ll get 10% off your purchase! ( Click here to visit The Legal Paige ) 

4.  Don’t put the website on the back burner

 I know so many people who put their website on the back burner when they first start their business and let me tell you that when I first started my business the fact that I had a somewhat solid website actually help me get more clients. I can not tell you how many clients commented on the fact that they were so glad that I had a full website for them to look at when I was first starting my business. When they are first starting out, many photographers don’t have a solid website, so the sooner you can get a solid website, the faster you can grow because you’re going to stand out.

 If you’re looking for a fantastic template for your website, I highly recommend checking out With Grace and Gold, they are my website designers and they have gorgeous templates that you can customize for your business with these! Just Click HERE to check them out! 

5. Track your results!

No matter how you choose to show up and Market your business, be sure that you are always tracking your results. This is the best and easiest way to make sure that you see good results for the time and effort you are putting into marketing on specific platforms. Watch how your post are performing, watch how your stories are getting interaction, and be sure to check your Google analytics every month to see how people are finding your website and how they’re interacting with it.

All right guys, those are my top five tips for mistakes to avoid for anyone who is just starting their business, or really for anyone running a photography business at this time! 

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