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5 Free IG Captions for Photogs

Ready to snag 5 free Instagram Captions that you can use TODAY on your feed?! 

Instagram caption writing tends to be one of the toughest things to come up with especially when you are trying to write them “ on a whim”, so let me do some of the work for you for your next 5 posts! Grab the free Instagram captions below…

Caption 1 – 

Spotlighting this gorgeous couple today because they made my whole week! How you ask? Well, with this insanely sweet review about working with me on their wedding day! Seriously, check it out ↓ ( insert review ) 

Holy Moly! I just love my ( insert your business name ) brides so much! 

Double tap if you think their portraits belong on a magazine cover – I mean I may be biased, but I sure think they do! 

Caption 2 – 

My brides often tell me, “ My fiance hates photos,” but can I be honest? All of my grooms ROCK their photos! 

Seriously they are naturals. 

In case you are still a little unsure, here are 4 easy tips to help your grooms be comfortable in front of the camera! 

Let him help pick the outfits and location! If he is happy and feels a-part of it, then he will look natural and relaxed in photos! 

Let date night after your session be something he enjoys! Does he have a favorite restaurant or sports bar he likes going to? Maybe a movie he has been dying to see? Make that the date night stop after your photos! It will give him something to be excited about and look forward to!

Show him one of my engagement session blogs so he knows what to expect! 

Don’t remind him that he hates photos! Seriously don’t make a big deal out of it! The more pressure you put on photos, the more uncomfortable he may feel! 

Keep it light, fun, and enjoyable for him!

Caption 3 – 

POP THE BUBBLY – We just booked a new [ insert business name ] couple! This week has been amazing! We welcomed [ insert number ] couples into our family and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them! You can catch me over here pouring a glass of champagne, packing a few welcome gifts, and just celebrating our awesome couples

Caption 4 – 

Cheers to the weekend friends! This weekend I am off to photograph [ insert couple’s name + session type ] at the gorgeous [ insert location ] and I already can not wait to edit these images!

This amazing couple [ or family ] found me through Instagram and goodness am I so glad they stumbled upon my account! While I spend my evening prepping my bag, charging batteries, and clearing off-camera cards – I will be sippin’ on my favorite [ insert drink ] and daydreaming about these images! Any other photographers out shooting with amazing clients this weekend

Caption 5 – 

This week someone asked me what my favorite part of my business is… I mean talk about a loaded question!

Have you ever had someone ask you to pick between queso or guac? ( Like honestly, who could choose?! ) That is what this question felt like!

Here is one thing a lot of people don’t know about my business and that is, I have a signature offer that I am obsessed with! My signature offer is for ( insert your business name ) brides who are looking for a photographer who will be there from the minute that they start putting curls in their hair, until they hop into a limo and get whisked off for their honeymoon! It was created for ( describe your ideal bride ) in order to make sure they receive the perfect images that reflect their marriage! So, just like you can’t pick between queso and guac – I can’t pick my favorite aspect of being a wedding photographer. All I know is that I am obsessed with it all – the job, the photos, and the clients!

Would you like monthly captions just like these to help you market your business with ease? Check out our New Marketing Membership – Scale Your Photo Biz! Get access to monthly marketing plans, trick, content, and captions! 

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