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4 Secrets to Getting Out of a Content Creation Rut





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I think we can all raise our hand and say that we have been in a Content creation rut before. Whether that content creation rut came from burnout, going through a transition in your business, or because of covid-19 Forcing you to stay inside and not be out shooting new content – we all go through content creation ruts now and again.

Here are four ways that you can work on getting out of a content creation rut and start cranking out content again with ease.

1. Don’t make it difficult

Okay, let’s have a moment of honesty when it comes to content creation. The only thing making content creation difficult, is you. I hate to say that but that’s honestly the truth. I used to be the person who would make content creation so tricky. It would take me 1-2hrs to write one simple blog post, and I would be exhausted by the end of it because it would just drain me completely. Why was it so draining? Because I was making it complicated. I wanted to make sure that I had a long introduction. I want to talk and points that were unique and super detailed. I wanted to have a closing statement that felt strong and felt it needed to be lengthy. I was the one setting the difficult parameters around my content creation; no one else was.  

What I found was when I took those parameters off of content creation, and just started talking like I would to a coaching student or a friend – content creation got way more manageable. Now, I sit down and type as if I was giving business advice to a friend. Keep it simple is the best tip I can give you for easy content creation.

2. Repurpose your old content

Don’t just create something and then let it die on your blog. Also, don’t think that because you’ve talked about that topic once you can’t talk about it again. If you create your content strategically, you can easily go back and pull from old content to recreate it as new! Repurposing your old content is the easiest way to create content when you get into a rut, and you can’t think about anything new to talk about.

3. Stop consuming when you need to create

I like to batch create my content, so for a day or two leading up to when I batch create; I won’t consume loads of business-related content. The reason for that is because It can get my mind off on a hundred different topic ideas, and it becomes tough for me to stay focused on my content creation.

If you find that it’s tough for you to write a blog post, consider not consuming any content for 12 to 24 hours before you have to sit down and write. This will help free up your mind of any excess information and allow things to flow a little bit easier.

4. Try to create when or where you feel the most creative

For example, I know that I cannot create content when there are people home with me. That means that I know I do my best work during the day when my husband is at work, so I know Tuesday-Thursdays are my most productive days! 

I also know that I am my most creative at night when I am alone. So, if I am working on planning a huge project or need to crank out a lot of work at one time, I try to schedule it for when my husband might be working out of town or will be working out after dinner and won’t be in the house. 

Just becoming more aware of the situations you work the best in can be a considerable boost in your business’s creativity and productivity.

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