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3 Unique Clauses Your Photography Contract Needs

Do you have a photography contract that hasn’t been updated in a while? Or maybe you bought your contract when you are first starting your business and bought a basic template that may or may not fully cover you? If that’s the case, I’m going to walk you through three clauses I highly recommend you have inside your contract today!

The Legal Paige provides all of the clauses below and you can save 10% off of your purchase with her by using the code ABBY at checkout! 

3 unique clauses your photography contract needs

Here are the three contract clauses I highly recommend…

The Artistic Style Clause

This clause ensures that clients have researched your work and know your style! This also is an agreement that they understand weather elements may impact your style and that a chance in editing due to lighting or other weather conditions is not a reason for a refund. 

The Social Media Posting Clause

This clause allows you to state that you should be credited appropriately on social media and set the expectation that no photos should be edited or have a filter added to them! 

The Covid-19 Postponement and Cancellation Clause

This clause is KEY for any photographer out there right now working with clients through COVID! I helped review and make suggestions for this clause with 4 other photographers – so I know it is worth every penny in protecting your business with postponements and cancelation with COVID!

Want to check out more clauses that The Legal Paige offers for photographers? Just click HERE and remember to use code ABBY for 10% off at checkout! 

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