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3 Content Mistakes Photographers Make





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If you are constantly creating content and feel like you are on this never-ending hamster wheel of content creation to move your business forward, then I have good news for you! You don’t have to be shooting to crank out new content continuously. In fact, only creating new content or blogs when you have a new session isn’t doing as much for your business as you think it might be. The best way to see big success with the content you are creating is to maximize every shoot, wedding, and connection you make in your business.

Here are the top 3 content mistakes photographers make with content creation and maximizing every bit of content that comes along with shooting sessions or weddings.

1. Are you Repurposing?

One of the easiest ways to make content is to refer back to your old content to create new content. Think about it like this, is there a wedding planner that you have worked with a handful of times that you love? Create a blog post all about that planner and her services, Showcase the wedding’s you guys have worked together, and email her two or three easy to answer questions for her to answer about your business that you can add to the blog post!

This is such an easy way to really maximize those vendor relationships while also showcasing past weddings in a whole new way.

This is something that I 100% wish I would have thought of and done when I started my business. I truly believe this would have been a game-changer. 

2. Are you actively showcasing old content?

Just because you shared about a blog post 6 months ago, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share it again. I recommend rotating through all of your content a couple of times a year. This helps you not only be able to avoid having to be in content creation mode constantly, but it also makes sure that all of your new followers, as well as old followers, truly end up seeing every piece of content you have your offer. And those who have seen it before? Trust me, they won’t care that they see it again. 

3. Are you only sharing client sessions?

 The biggest mistake you can make with your content creation is only blogging or sharing content when you have a new session or wedding to showcase. You have so much more content, knowledge, and experiences that you can talk about outside of just your new portfolio images. Share fun tips and tricks that your clients can take advantage of. Answer important FAQs on your blog. Spotlight vendors or your favorite shooting locations. Give outfit inspiration. – whatever you choose to talk about, have fun with it and relate to both your clients and your business.

Your followers and future clients will appreciate your variety of content, and it will be the thing that allows them to go down the rabbit hole of content on your blog. Leave the 3 content mistakes that photographers make behind!

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