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Ready to scale your email list and do it fast? Here are my top two tips that allowed my list to takeoff and see fast growth! Let’s chat about getting your first 500 email subscribers.

email subscribers

First, we need a sign-up spot on your website

and we need to make it well known! Putting it in one spot and leaving it alone will NOT grow your numbers! You want to make sure that your email sign up is in at least 3-5 places on your website! – I know, that seems like a lot but it still probably isn’t enough!

The more places that people can see it the more likely they are to sign up.

Not only do you need to put your sign up in multiple spots but you also need to offer them a BIG reason to hand over their email address. Truthfully, offering them small discounts or being the first to know about promotions probably isn’t a big enough reason for just anyone to sign up. Offering them Freebies though in exchange for their email is the way to go! It can be a style guide for their session, education info for photographers, or even a list of your favorite vendors in the area! Just give them something valuable and they will offer up their email!

Next, we need to look at what our audience needs right now that meets them where they are!

If you looking to attract brides, then you don’t want to offer freebies for styling your family session! The same goes for if you are looking to teach photographers who are brand new in business – You can’t teach them how to get $5,000 clients if they can’t shoot in manual yet! You need to figure out exactly who your audience is made up of and what they feel their pain points are at that moment in time!

The best way to do this is by using Instagram Polls to ask questions and get to know your audience better. Ask them what they want to learn, ask them what their pain points are, and whatever other questions are relevant to who you are trying to target! ( This works for photography clients or if you are trying to target photographers! ) 

Example:  If you are looking for family photography clients, Ask them things like – 

How often do you take family photos?

What excites you most about taking photos?

What is the least exciting part of your photo experience?

How often do you print photos?

What information would be helpful to help you prepare for sessions?

Example:  If you are looking for photographers, Ask them things like – 

How long have you been in business?

Do you struggle with editing or getting it right in camera?

Do you struggle with running the business side of your business?

What do you specialize in?

What are some pain points in your business right now?

The BEST converting freebies or downloads are always

  • videos walkthroughs
  • checklists
  • step by step guides
  • templates

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