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50 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers





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blog post ideas

Raise your hand if you have ever stared at a blank screen wondering what you are going to write about in your blog this week! ( Everyone raises their hand…) 

Let’s be real, writer’s block is a pain ( especially when you are on a timeline ) and sometimes all you need is a little inspiration on what to write about to get the ideas flowing. So, let me help you with a handful of ideas that are easy to execute and give you amazing content for your followers and clients to read!

General Blog Ideas

  1.  What’s in your bag 
  2. Your favorite lens for portraits
  3. Your favorite locations for shoots 
  4. Session Style Tips
  5. BTS at a session
  6. Finding the right photographer for your needs
  7. Your top 5 places to shop for outfit ideas for sessions
  8.  Share you why
  9.  Share how you got started in business
  10.  Links to your favorite outfits to wear when you shoot
  11.  Things to bring to your session
  12.  What season should you plan your session
  13.  Should you wear multiple outfits at your session 
  14.  Ideas for accessorizing during your session
  15.  How to look and feel your best at sessions
  16.  The best mini session outfits 
  17.  The best time to schedule your session 
  18.  Where to print your photos 
  19.  How to protect your photos after a session
  20.  5 Gallery wall ideas for your photos 

Wedding Photographers

  1. Tips to prepare for your engagement session 
  2. Tips for planning your ceremony 
  3. Should you do a first look
  4. Tips for a relaxed timeline 
  5. What you should have in your getting ready room 
  6. Ways to celebrate your wedding day while getting ready 
  7. What past brides have to say about their first look
  8. Tips for smooth bridal party photos 
  9. When should you plan your ceremony for 
  10.  Creating a rain plan for your wedding 
  11.  5 items you need on a rainy wedding day 
  12.  Tips for keeping cool at a summer wedding 
  13.  5 types of exits for your wedding
  14.   Should you include your dog in photos 
  15.  How to use your engagement photos throughout your wedding
  16.  How to get your fiance on board with engagement photos 

Family Photographers 

  1. Mini session or full session? Which is best for your family
  2. How to prep your kids for a session 
  3. 5 items to bring to your session to entertain your kids 
  4. How to turn your photos into gifts for family 
  5. 5 tips for getting kids to smile during sessions
  6. Why you should plan your sessions at sunset 
  7.  How often should you take family photos 
  8.  3 Tips for being in more photos with your kids 
  9.  Color combinations for family outfits 
  10.  Perks of an in-home family session 
  11.  Fun activities to do during an in-home session
  12.  How to pick your family session location 
  13.  Why you shouldn’t choose matching outfits
  14.  Tips for preparing fussy toddlers for a session

There you go! 50 Easy blog post idea topics for Photographers to run with and add to their blog line-up today! 

Action Step! -Grab 4-5 of these blog post idea topics and add them to your blog calendar so that way you can quickly write your upcoming blogs without spending an hour brainstorming ideas! 

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