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Lately I’ve been talking a lot about email marketing with the recent launch of my course Email Marketing for Photographers. I am excited to share two tips I think everyone should use in their email marketing for creating eye catching emails.

These tips are quick and easy ways that you can help your subscribers make sure, one, that they’re actually reading your emails and, two, to make sure that they are clicking on links or interacting with your emails in the way that you want them to. 

Tip Number 1

Anything inside of your email that you want to make sure someone sees or reads or truly understands, we want to either do it in the bold font or we want to do it in a different color font. Something that’s going to allow that sentence or that section to stand out. Now, we don’t want to do like three or four sentences in a bold font, right? But, if you have one sentence where it’s a clear call to action or a clear question that you want them to really see and understand or a clear statement that’s a game changer for the whole email then we want to bold those sections. 

Or again, change the color of the font so that way people are actually seeing those things because people like to skim emails and not necessarily read every little piece of it.

Tip Number 2

The next thing I love to do is what’s called a PS strategy and the PS strategy is basically at the bottom of the email you put a little PS and then you tell them something really important. 

Whether that looks like a recap of the email itself, like, hey just in case you skimmed the bottom like I know many people do, here is what this email was about and here is the link to check it out. Basically, an entire recap of the email in a simple three to four sentences.

Next, if you have a product or a service that is an alignment with what that email is about but you’re not in a stage where you want to specifically promote a product or service you can easily write a tips & tricks email where you give them 5 tips for XY and Z and then at the bottom you can say PS if you found this helpful and you want more information we have a guide that covers this in our shop and it’s just $17.00. Feel free to click here to check it out.

Or if this was super helpful but now you’re feeling really overwhelmed and you just don’t know if you can do it by yourself no worries we can help you just click here to learn more about our services, whatever that might look like. So if you want people to make sure that they are reading the parts of the emails that you want them to read and that they’re interacting with it you want to make sure to either bold certain sections or change the color of the font so that way it stands out and then #2 is try out the PS strategy at the end of your emails to either recap or highlight an offer or service that is in alignment with what you were talking about inside of your email.

I’d love to hear how these tips work for you, if you try them out comment below and share your experience! 

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