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There are 5 platforms that I use inside of my business every single week that I want to highlight for you. I know how much of a struggle it can be to find a platform that you really enjoy using, that checks all the boxes for what you need, and keeps things simple. I have tried out more platforms that I can count over the last 5 years in business, and I have a handful that I absolutely love that I use every single week that I want to share with you.

These platforms are for both the education/coaching side of my business and photography! 

1. Honeybook! 

 Honeybook is by far one of the best client management platforms and I am obsessed with it. It makes my life super easy when it comes to creating contracts, sending invoices, creating recurring payment invoices, setting up calls, tracking my income through Quickbooks integration, easily getting paid, automating emails, creating gift cards, and so much more. It is a “One-stop shop” when it comes to tracking clients and you can easily check-in on your phone through the app! 

I use Honeybook for both photography clients and coaching clients! I can set up reminders, automated emails for clients, and keep all of our email conversations in one easy to find place! It is by far one of the BEST investments for keeping client info organized and simplified! 

Plus, their customer support is top notch y’all! 

Click here to try Honeybook’s free trial and get 50% off your first year if you decide to join the community! 

2. Kajabi!

 Kajabi is the course platform that I used to host all of my courses! I love Kajabi and how easy it is to use, set-up, collect payments, and their support has been nothing but amazing! Kajabi is a platform that will easily grow with you and the education side of your business without having to constantly switch platforms and switch past customers over to new platforms with you. If you want a platform that easily integrates with email, payments, workflows, and more – Kajabi is it! 

Checkout Kajabi HERE

3. Stripe/Paypal! 

Okay, I know these are two different platforms but I used them both equally so I couldn’t put one without the other. I use stripe and PayPal to collect the majority of my payments.  Whether they come from Shopify, Affiliate Programs, or Kajabi – all payments come through one of those payment processors! 

If I had to pick my favorite payment processor though – it would be stripe! Their customer service is amazing and my customers can easily and quickly checkout with them! 

4. ShowIt! 

ShowIt is where my website is hosted! I have been on the ShowIt platform for over 4 years now and have had 3 different sites with them – all of which I have LOVED! ShowIt’s platform is super easy to navigate, create stunning websites that work quickly for users, and their templates are amazing! Plus, I love their support community on Facebook for whenever I get stuck of have a tech glitch ( which is VERY rare ) 

My website designers, With Grace and Gold, have a ShowIt Template shop that you need to check out if you are on the lookout for a new website to showcase your business! Click HERE to view their templates.

5. ConvertKit!

ConvertKit is my email marketing platform that I have been using now for almost 4 years. I have tested 5 different platforms and came back to ConvertKit because it fits my current needs the best + had lots of room for growth! From easily growing my list, creating automated emails and sequences, and easily creating newsletter – ConvertKit has been a huge piece of my business! 

Now, If you are just starting out with email marketing and don’t want to start with an advanced platform, FloDesk is my favorite platform for those just starting their email marketing! From easy to use templates, simple step by step set-ups, and beautifully designed newsletters –  you can’t go wrong with them!  

You can try it out here + save 50% off your monthly subscription HERE

That’s it! Those are the platforms that I use every single week inside of my business in order to market, stay organized and keep my business moving forward! 

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