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When it comes to learning to sell your offers, we as business owners tend to think it’s difficult.  We think if it is easy it won’t work when in reality some of the EASIEST, simplest processes are the ones that allow you to show up consistently in a way you are confident with, and actually WORK BEST.  They allow you to show up and sell your offer with ease in a way that feels really good and allows  you to serve your clients and your business at the same time.

As a photographer you have one offer.  If you are a wedding photographer or a family photographer you have that main offer.  As a business owner you sometimes think you have to promote your business as a whole.  Don’t get tripped up with the thought you have to promote who you are and the product you have, and you have to promote the offer and all the other little things that your business has included when in reality, all you need to do is narrow in on the offer you want to sell at the time and sell it. 

Narrow Down Your Offer

If you’re multi passionate. What I do believe though, is that you need to narrow in on what offer you were selling and win and the reality is you cannot sell 3,4,5,6,7 offers at the same time with huge results, right? If you can narrow in on one thing at one time you’re going to sell better. 

So, if you have multiple offers narrow in on, this month we’re promoting this offer, next month we’ll promote mini sessions (if you’re going to host mini sessions) and in a month after that maybe you’re going to promote family sessions, and then the month after that it’s weddings again. 

Whatever it might be, narrow in on that offer that you’re promoting that month or that week or whatever it might look like. 

As a wedding photographer maybe you have two or three packages, narrow in on the package that you’re going to promote. If you have three packages, you probably have a middle package and that’s the one that you want most people to buy, great, narrow in on that package and sell the crap out of that package. 

Define your Audience

Once you pick your offer, we’re going to pick the audience. Now, again, I am not someone who is going to sit here and tell you, you can only have one ideal client or one audience for your services. More than likely, your business has multiple ideal clients or multiple audiences that you are trying to reach and that is OK, that is normal. If you are trying to sell everything in your business to one particular person, it’s not going to work. 

Each offer that you have inside your business appeals to a different type of client and again that is OK. It is OK to have that fluctuation and so, being able to really narrow in, this week we’re selling this offer and this offer is connected to this ideal client and that is the ideal client that I am going to focus on speaking to this week. 

If you’re trying to sell mini sessions, you don’t want to mix your mini session message with your “trying to look for brides” messaging. You want them to be separate. You want them to very clearly speak to who is going to benefit from that offer and who is going to be the one to buy that offer. 

It’s important to dig into the idea of this is my audience right now, this is my audience for this week or this specific offer so that is who I am going to serve and serve them alone. That way every time you change your offer you just adjust who you’re speaking to, to make sure that your audience is in alignment with who that offer is for. 

Define the Need

Next after that we’re going to go into defining the need. Here’s a thing you want to basically, sell them on what they want, and then tell them what they need to do in order to get that want. 

For example, think about when you have a headache, right? When you have a headache you want that headache to go away. In order to get that want, you have to take that Motrin, right? But if my mom can’t see when I have a headache and she’s like “hey Abby take some Motrin, I know you have a headache.” I’m usually going to turn it down. Why? I don’t know, I’m just stubborn, I don’t take it. But if she comes back an hour later, and says, “You still have a headache, you’re struggling you need Motrin.” Now she’s speaking to the fact that, hey, I need this headache to go away, I want this headache to go away and I’m tired of it. So, now I’m going to take the Motrin, that’s what I need to do, right? 

You want to sell them on the idea of ‘this is what you want, this is what you need to do to get it.’ So if you want family photos of you and your family laughing and having a good time and running through a field at sunset together, and you want those to be all over your house and you want to be able to capture those memories so that way when your kids are grown and they’ve moved out you still have great memories that you can remember what your kids were like at this age in their life. If you can sell them on that one and then you just say, hey, if you want that, all you have to do is click the link in my bio and grab a mini session slot. It’s really simple, it’s a really easy process and really easy conversion. Because you sold them on what they want and now you’re telling them what they need. You’re saying “hey you need a mini session, you need a 20 minute session with me, of you and your kids, running through a field at sunset together.” 

No one thinks they need that but, they know what they want and it might be that they want to capture these precious memories with their family. Therefore, they need to go to your profile to sign up for mini sessions. So sell them on what they want and then tell them what they need to do in order to get what it is that they want, right? 

So we’re picking the offer, we’re picking the audience that we’re selling this offer to, so the ideal client that fits with this offer’s needs, and then we’re going in and defining what that need is and defining what they need and the want is so that way you know how to show up and sell them on the want. 

Create a System

The next thing you need to do is create the system that’s going to allow you to continuously show up, anyway that is going to allow you to sell and is going to allow you to be confident in how you are showing up confidently in your ability. To get in front of your audience and say “hey, look, I know you, I know what you need, I know what you want and I have the perfect offer that was created just for you.” In order to do that we need a system.

The system that I have created for my business is a four-step process. And the four step process is…

  1. Market Research
  2. Grow your Audience
  3. Nurture your Audience
  4. Sell to your Audience

Very basic things. I think everyone knows what we need to do but here’s the thing, most of the time when I see people implementing this process in their own business, it’s a little bit off. I have been there too, I have gone through this process for a long time in my business. It has gone through many tweaks and many adjustments and for a really long time I was a little bit off with my process. I was using strategies that weren’t specifically created for growth or weren’t specifically created to nurture or weren’t specifically created to sell and I was expecting the strategies that I was putting into my business to promote products to work. I just thought if I show up and I say “hey I have mini sessions open,” people are going to come by and that wasn’t the case. I was finding that inquiries were here and there, they were sporadic, they were hot and cold, and it was so frustrating. 

My Four Step System Changed My Biz!

So, what I found was this four step system of like showing up, and nurturing and selling and growing your audience, those four steps had to work in a very specific order with a very specific system in place. 

So the problem is, when we’re showing up we’re making sales hard for ourselves by using strategies that are not created to work together. Your strategies in your business need to form together to create this perfect storm that brings people back to your website or your contact form on a consistent basis. You need to be able to consistently grow your business, nurture your audience, and sell every single week, on autopilot, basically. You would need to have this system down to where you are showing up for your business and for your audience in a way that is serving them in a really clear defined pattern that’s going to bring them back to your business. 

Again, if you’re picking your offer, let’s say we’re doing mini sessions. Maybe you’re picking the audience of, I’m you know, during family session this is for families is for moms who maybe haven’t done photos in a few years and it’s time for her to update family photos and update her gallery in her home and then you define the need what is the need and the want? The want is she wants new family photos, right? She wants new photos of her kids because she hasn’t had them in a couple years. What does she need to do? She needs to go ahead and click the link in my profile to be able to get these family photos or mini sessions, right? 

So, we’re going to create a system. 

What is the system? How are you showing up? How are you going to grow your audience at this time specifically, for moms. Specifically for families. How are we going to grow at this time specifically to bring in family clients?  

Then next is nurturing. So once they come in, what is it that you’re going to be doing to nurture these new people who are coming in?  Is there a free download that you have specifically for moms and family photos? Is it the content you are pushing out that week? Is it the fact that you’re going live and talking about this every single day? What is it that you’re doing to nurture them when they come in? 

And next you’re going to be selling them. So, what piece of content or what one liner are you throwing into everything you’re doing to consistently bring them back to the platform of, “hey, I need you to go to my website and sign up there” or “I need you to go to my contact form and email me about grabbing a slot.” What are you doing consistently, every single day, every single week that is pulling people in, that is in alignment with your offer? What are you doing every single week, that when they come in, because you were attracting them, through your growth strategies? 

Or what is it that you’re doing to nurture this audience, specific ideal client, and then what are you doing to define their needs and their wants and how are you telling them to go to your website or to your profile to inquire about these things that they are being pulled in attracted to, right? What does that system look like inside of your business and if you don’t have one that’s where it’s falling flat, that’s where your marketing falls flat and that’s why you are spending hours every single week showing up on social media or in your Instagram hashtags or whatever it might be. 

This is why you’re wasting hours and you’re not seeing the results. Because your systems in your marketing strategies are not in alignment in a way that is going to consistently pull people in, nurture them and sell them in a pattern or in a cycle that is allowing you to just show up and serve and then convert them in the process. 

So if you feel like you are struggling in any way with this process we have a four step system that you guys can get access to right now. It is the Ramp Up Your Inquiries Training Bundle. This bundle is going to walk you through the exact process of how to consistently pull an inquiry into this four step system. 

I’d love to know how this system has helped you! Share below!

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