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Why Your Inquiries Aren’t Booking

Raise your hand if you feel like you struggle with price shopping, inquiries ghosting, or even the line” we decided to hire someone else”, way too often! 

Sadly, it is something that photographers struggle with on a weekly basis, and most don’t know how to stop it from happening time and time again. 

So you may be wondering,” why does this keep happening?”

There could be a handful of reasons why this is happening, but there are a few key elements that I always recommend looking at first before you go and do anything drastic! – You know, like dropping prices! 

Here are the few things I would look at first –

1) Is your offer in alignment with what you know your ideal clients want or need?

If you aren’t 100% sure then dig into that! 

Knowing for sure that your offer is in alignment with the needs and wants of your buyer is so key because it is the ONLY way for your clients to become attached to your offer! – and without any form of attachment, they won’t buy! 

TIP – Just because you offer everything and the kitchen sink, does NOT mean you have a greater chance at getting booked. Truthfully, when clients get met with too many options, they become overwhelmed and have an even harder time commiting! 

Keep your options simple and offer a handful of popular add ons, and you’ll be set! 

2) Are you setting any timeline for your offer or using any urgency?

People act if they have a deadline that could cause them to miss out or if they are afraid an offer will run out soon. Use that to your advantage and give them a reason to act fast.

Ex. – ” We only have 10 spots available and 7 are already claimed! ” 

” Sign-ups for our mini sessions close on Sept. 10th! Only 3 spots left, don’t miss out! ” 

3) Are you creating any barriers that could keep your clients from responding to you quickly? 

My clients were never ones to answer those “get to know you questions” that some photographers love to have in their inquiry response email. There is nothing wrong with those questions, but I found that my specific clients either ignored them or took forever to respond because it was a lot of info to type out! 

You need to remember – Our clients are at peak excitement when they inquire with you, and we want to break any barriers that could keep them from booking you at that time. 

So consider taking those out and asking those questions at the consultation or during a phone call if you find clients either ignore them or barely respond to them!

4) Is your pricing guide all about pricing? 

If so, you need to pad it with reviews, explain why you are the right photographer for them, talk about the outcome of what your offer will bring your clients if they book you, talk about frequently asked questions. 

Don’t make your pricing guide all about price! Why? – Because it doesn’t show the value of your offer. It just shows a price tag, and that doesn’t allow your clients to form a connection with your offer! When a client can’t form a connection, that is when your value now becomes about your price and not your amazing service!


If you are selling an offer based off of the details of your package ( the hours of coverage, the number of photos, etc. ), that won’t work. You want to sell based off of an emotional connection to your offer so that way your clients can become attached to your offer and not be able to turn it down! Read more about selling through emotion here! 

Alright friend, there you have it! Those are the top strategies that I would check out right now if you are struggling with ghosting or losing clients without any explanation!

Action Steps – 

  • Figure out what kind of offer your ideal client needs from you
  • Create some urgency with your offer  
  • Get rid of any barriers you might have that are keeping clients from moving forward! 
  • Refresh your pricing guide if it focuses too much on pricing and not value 
  • Sell based on emotion, not details

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