5 Common Questions About Masterminds!

I get a lot of questions about masterminds! How do they look, what makes it better than regular coaching, who is involved and more. So today I figured we would dive into the top 5 questions I get asked to help you determine if a Mastermind is a good fit for you!

Mastermind vs Coaching/Mentoring?

Okay, this is a popular question and one that is very important when deciding if this is right for you!

A Mastermind tends to be a longer commitment than coaching – this means that your coach and other mastermind members are there to grow with you, really get to know your business, and give you way more support than traditional mentoring. Regular mentoring or coaching may last 3-4 months sometimes but most masterminds last 6-12 months. This means that they create more momentum and impact that smaller coaching options!

Also, masterminds are about community vs just you and a coach working alone. Think of it like having 5-7 coaches at one time to bounce ideas off of, help you brainstorm, and keep you accountable!

What is the Set-Up Like?

The set-up of a mastermind can vary based on who runs them, the time length of them, and what their coaching style is.

My masterminds are VERY high touch. This means you can get in contact with me for help Monday – Friday, I can review anything, and I am there for launch support or check in calls as needed! Some weeks I might talk to you every day, other weeks it may be a check-in as needed. I leave it open to you to come to me when you need me! There is no limit of support.

We have monthly group calls to keep everyone accountable and moving forward, we have 4 in person retreats throughout the year to create big momentum, group chats for building strong connections and support, and I have “office hours” every two weeks to hop on check in calls with whoever needs it!

Who is This for?

You’re a big dreamer ready to scale your income. You understand the investment and are ready to bet on yourself.

You’re serious about launching your next big idea, whether it’s a course, a podcast, a product, a shop, a service. Whatever it is, you are on fire about it!

You are seeking true community and want to surround yourself with powerful women! 

You’re ready to do the work, to get focused, to really get moving towards bigger things for your business! 

If you are ready to work towards balance of being able to enjoy your business while also enjoy the rewards it brings!

If you are a photographer, creative, or wedding pro – my mastermind is for you!

What’s the Investment?

Okay, this one ranges greatly! Like 5k- 30k+ range! The mastermind I joined in 2018 cost me $24,000 for 12 month access!

Now don’t freak out, mine is a fraction of that price but again it depends on who you learn from and what all is included in the program! Big names or larger programs = more money for sure!

Look at it this way, if you join my mastermind you get the knowledge that I paid $24,000 for at a fraction of the price! HA!

” I made my $8000 by April from my shop and was able to pay off the Mastermind within 4 months of joining.” – Brittany B. 2019 Mastermind Member

How Long is the Commitment?

Again, this ranges greatly! Some masterminds are 3-4 months, others are 6-12 months! It depends on the program and the outcome the program provides!

I personally prefer 12 months because it leaves room for more growth! One of my mastermind girls said the other day ” I was just getting started at 6 months in!” and that couldn’t be more true! I want to see your success through until the end, so 12 months is what I choose!

There are the top 5 questions that I get asked on a regular basis about masterminds! Do you still have questions I didn’t answer? No worries, email me at abby@abbywaller.com and I will answer them for ya!

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