How to Set Momentum Building Goals for Your Business

 Setting strong goals in your business is one of the best ways to make sure that you are staying on track, growing consistently, and building towards a business that you dream of.

 One thing though that people get wrong when it comes to setting goals for their business, is they do not set the goals that actually make a difference. 
Basic goals like Instagram followers or likes – those goals are not guaranteed to get you where you want to go! More likes does not = more money! ( In fact it could equal a harder time getting seen in the algorithm )

When it comes to setting goals in your business you want to set big picture goals first, and then come back with smaller goals that help you reach those bigger goals.

 The number one goal you want to set first, is your revenue goal. How much revenue do you actually want to make in your business this year.  ( Your revenue is what you make before expenses or taxes )

Side note – if you want to get very specific, which I recommend doing so, you want to also set your profit goals! Your profit is what your business makes after expenses and taxes are paid. This could range anywhere from 30-60% of your revenue. You need to know your expenses in order to set this goal properly!

 Next I recommend setting quarterly goals. So what goals do you need to hit every quarter to help you hit those Revenue goals in your business. 

  • Maybe you need to hit a certain amount of clients every quarter.
  • Maybe you need to be able to raise your prices by $500 every quarter.
  • Maybe you need to add a new service into your business by the second quarter
    Whatever that might be, set your quarterly goals that help you reach your revenue goal. 

 Finally, you want to set your working goals. What little steps do you need to take on a monthly or weekly basis to help you reach your quarterly goals that help you reach your revenue goal.

 So here’s an example –

 Let’s say your Revenue goal for the year is $100,000.  You know that in order to reach $100,000 you need to have 7-8  weddings every quarter at at least $3,200. Now in order to reach that goal you need to shot 7-8 weddings every quarter. In order to reach that goal you know that your working goals need to be to – Market your business and its three to four places every week, show up on video once a week to show behind the scenes of your business, and create one blog post every week that has content for brides who are planning their wedding. 

 Now this is just a simple example of how you would create those goals and build on top of each other to hit your larger goal of Revenue. 

This goal setting process can get much more intense if you wanted it to but if you are just starting out and you are not sure where to start with goal setting or how to set good goals, then this is the easiest way to get that momentum moving.

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