Stop Making Everything A Priority!

Looking to start scaling your business but you just can’t figure out when to spend the extra time to invest in growing? Well then today’s post is for YOU!

When we think about growing our business we think about all of the things we should be doing or need to do, but what we don’t look at is what are we already doing that we don’t need to be! Now, you may be saying well there isn’t anything on my schedule that I can get rid of ( and truthfully I disagree ) but it isn’t about just getting rid of to-do items, it is about simplifying your business and putting a priority on certain areas!

We can’t do it all. We can’t grow our business if we are knee deep in work that just keeps our business afloat. – Staying afloat doesn’t grow your business, it keeps you hustling 24/7 with little return.

So how do you free up time in order to do more and scale your business!

I want you to look at every part of your business and take careful note on what actually helps your business and grows it, instead of  what is just an “extra” that you were told would help your business.

Here is the thing, when I started my business I was told client gifts were a MUST! That in order for my clients to refer me I needed to send gifts. I stressed over these gifts, I spent hours working on them, and I spent hundreds of dollars on them – but did it actually grow my business? NOPE! I put so much priority in these gifts and after months of frustration with them I realized they were not something that needed as much priority as I was giving them!

I truly believe that those gifts had NO impact on if my clients referred me or not! My clients were engaged, usually moving, and trying to plan a wedding – they were getting enough “stuff” from other people. They didn’t need something else from me also. While my clients thanked me for those gifts, when they sent reviews or even talked with me after the wedding, those gifts were never mentioned again! They were thoughtful, but didn’t change their experience or image quality that they were paying for. I crossed off clients gifts from my to-do list and invested that money in things like education ( to perfect my craft for my clients! ) or in hiring team members to help me make more time in my schedule (and to be able to keep up with my client workflows better!)!

Want some more examples of some other things that I put less weight on in my workflow?

  • Feeling the need to post on social media every day! I had put so much weight in the idea that if I wasn’t posting every day I would lose clients! Here is the thing though, that wasn’t the case! Instead I made 2-3 thoughtful posts a week and get MORE interaction and followers than I would by posting every day and forcing myself to come up with witty captions even when I felt like I had nothing to say.
  • Being a slave to my inbox! Yes, emails are important and no I don’t think you should ignore them. But they also don’t need to be answered within an hour of hitting your inbox! I avoid opening my emails until I have a few big tasks accomplished every day, then I set a timer and dive in and answer as much as I can in that time frame!
  • I was taking every job under the sun because I was told to “take every opportunity”. Instead I began saying “no” so I could focus on my passions and actually have time to grow that side of my business. Sure I may of made a couple hundred less for a few months, but that money quickly came back in ways that I was excited about and enjoyed working for!
  • I quit stressing about being the fastest photographer to deliver images! My clients knew their images would be back within 4 weeks of their wedding and they were okay with that, so why did I stress trying to get them done in 2 weeks as a surprise? Again, it was a perk if I could do it but it didn’t scale my business because I was too stressed out editing thousands of photos to do anything else during busy seasons.

While every part of your business has weight and importance in one way or another, are there some areas in your business that carry minimal weight that could help free up funds or time in order for you to invest in your business or in a team member to help you grow?

I challenge you to write out every aspect of your business and workflow and see what areas are getting too much of your time and attention vs the areas that truly need it in order for you to see success!

When you are able to free up time and your ability to truly think through every aspect of your business, your business will begin scaling and reaching those goals because you are able to do the important items to the best of your ability!

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