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Thinking About Getting a Personal Editor?

Why You Need a Personal Editor // Abby Waller Photography

The last two and a half months have been by far the busiest and craziest months in my business! I have spent over 150 hours in the car, been to 7 states, and photographed 8 weddings and 12 shoots!  Back in 2016 when I saw how my calendar was filing out for this year I knew that I was going to have to hand some part of my business over. I had been debating on hiring an editor for quite sometime but I just couldn’t stand the idea of letting go. – Plus, who wants to send their non edited photos to someone else?! I sure didn’t!

I was terrified the first time I sent my images out! “What is she going to think when she sees my RAW, unedited images?! What if this doesn’t work?! Is this going to actually be worth the money I will be spending?!”  Waiting to get the first batch of edited photos back had me so anxious and when the file finally arrived I just prayed that this this was everything I had been hoping for! Guess what?! IT WAS! It was everything had been hoping for and everything I was needing in my business! To be honest, it changed my life! I was no longer spending hours editing, I didn’t have constant tired eyes, and I was able to actually take days off during my busiest season! – It’s pretty much Amazing!

The main reason it took me so long to let go was because I needed to find someone I could trust! Someone who I knew would take good care of me and my clients. I refused to hire some company who has multiple editors and have my images passed around from person to person. I needed one person, one person who knew me and my style, one person who I could trust to do their best with everything I sent them!

So who did I hire and where can you find someone?! 

Well, I hired Kristen Neiditch! She is the sweetest person and I absolutely love getting to work with her! I never have to worry about my images any more and this has been the biggest life saver over the last two months! I honestly couldn’t of done nearly half the travling I did without her! ( Brides! This is the girl who helps me make you look stunning in all of your photos!! )

Kristen came as a recommendation, but I had previously seen her over on Edit Source  so I knew she would be a great fit for me and my business!  What is Edit Source? Edit Source is a website to help photographers find the right editor for their style and price range with a few easy clicks! It really made the process easy and way less stressful when I began looking into hiring someone! Another great place to find an editor is The Rising Tide Group on FB! There are so many amazing creatives who edit on the side that love to pick up some extra work!

So how does it work?

Lets say I shoot a wedding on Saturday! Sunday and Monday I edit all of the blog images and cull the wedding! Once I edit the images that I need for the blog I go through and flag them, I then export all of the images out of lightroom as a catalog! Finally, I zip the catalog and upload to DropBox! Thats it!! The rest is all Kristen!! – Seriously, it’s a life saver!

Friends, If you are debating on hiring someone I promise this isn’t as scary as it seems! It has 100% changed my life and business already and I don’t plan on ever editing my own weddings again! If you have any questions on hiring someone don’t hesitate to shoot me an email HERE! I am happy to answer all of your questions!



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