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It is time to break down the creation of your pricing guide into a step-by-step process to ensure that it is filled with sales strategies that work together as a “domino effect” to help turn interested clients into paying clients? 

This training is packed full of actionable content that you can implement as you learn! If you are feeling like your pricing guide is lacking when it comes to closing sales, then now is the time to jump into the pricing guide strategy training! 

The Details

The Pricing Guide Strategy

-Up-level your pricing guide strategy! Let's break down what to place inside your guide, the order to place it in, how to enhance your perceived value, structure your packages to showcase the value vs overwhelm clients, and even the top 10 mistakes I see made ALL THE TIME ( 50-Minute training )

-How to create packages that will Accelerate your sales so you no longer have to wonder what to offer clients/ why isn't anyone interested in what you have to offer (40-minute training ) 

-The top phrases and language to avoid with your pricing guide so you don't cause potential clients to focus on your price tag or negotiate prices! ( 17-minute training ) 

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