Raise your hand if you feel like you never know quite what to do when a lead goes silent after you send over your pricing? It can feel like a very delicate situation because you don’t want to say the wrong thing, but you also know that you need to take quick action.

Introducing the Follow-Up Framework to help you navigate how to strategically handle following-up with leads in a way that gets their attention, generates desire, and prompts them to respond to you quickly! We will break the follow-up process down into three strategic emails that are filled with “triggers” to help get the attention of those potential buyers and be able to leave yourself the ability to “pop back into their inbox” with a purpose vs just “ checking in”.

Instant Access to...

The Follow-Up Framework

-Our 3 part follow-up framework for leads who go quite or are sitting on the fence and need a little motivation for making a decision. The 3 email blueprint is filled with strategic moves and windows of opportunity to serve clients while also working towards closing a sale. ( 30 minute training ) 

-9 things to avoid in your inquiry response email! I will cover the most common mistakes I see and how to adjust those mistakes for a bigger impact on potential clients. ( 20 minute training ) 

-3 Step-blueprint for handling objects or roadblocks for booking clients. Learn how to navigate and easily respond to discount requests, changing package details, clients needing more time to "look around", and so much more! This 3 part answer will be your magic wand when it comes to navigating situations with ease - while still serving clients well even if your answer to them is "no"! ( 35 minute training ) 

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