The Pricing Strategy Bootcamp

Gain massive clarity around your photography packages and confidently raise your prices so clients are excited to pay you what you ask

Transform your approach to pricing your photography services so clients can focus on your value—not your price tag.

Setting the right price isn’t holding you back from success.
You can compete with someone cheaper.
Dead zones aren’t a real thing.

Oh, and you can control who you book more. 

I know right now it might feel like these things are all myths because you might have heard them a million times and it’s what you believe. Heck, I used to believe them too! 

Hey, photog, let’s cut straight to it—the stories you’re telling yourself around pricing your services simply aren’t true.

But here is what is actually true (and what I need you to understand!)...

real talk:

real talk:

You ARE in control of your success

...but the only way to control it fully is to be in control of your mindset and how others view your services. The truth is, you can command your dream prices and clients will pay without questioning them.
(Yes, I mean it!)

Pricing is only scary because you allow it to be! 

I personally spent MONTHS stressing about raising my prices $200, but we’ll get into that later...

My goal for you is to banish the stress of pricing and how you’re letting it run your business. It’s keeping you stuck and leaving you second-guessing yourself constantly. 

We both know you desire to run a profitable business, and you have the skills and portfolio to back it up, but the pricing hurdle continues to get in your way. It’s the one jump you can’t clear.

You dream of the day you can set a price and book without clients questioning your price, but at this moment it feels like it’s lightening years away. 

You want to master your package structure and what to offer, how to determine prices, and when to know and how to raise prices effectively to avoid losing bookings or landing in “dead zones.”

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover inside…

You need to show up to shoots confidently so your clients can feel confident too, that won’t happen if you’re constantly questioning things. 


From raising prices, creating packages, setting actionable pricing goals, your pricing guide presentation, and even your mindset around pricing—we will tackle these big hurdles together so you clear them all with confidence.

In a matter of hours, we will transform the way you, and your clients, view your prices! 

Pricing Strategy Bootcamp

The Bootcamp designed to give you ALL the tools needed to confidently tackle your pricing so you can see real results reflected in your bank account daily.

These strategies are some of my top pricing strategies straight from my signature program, The Inner Circle. I pulled these videos out for this bootcamp because they are SO incredibly valuable I didn’t want you to miss. 

the best part?


"  I came to Abby with a dream and she turned that dream into a reality." 

 I made a list and did my research on all of the mentors that this industry could offer me and Abby Waller stood out by far. She was the only mentor that not only has a photography background, but has taken the time to educate herself on business and sales strategies OUTSIDE of the wedding and photography industry. She knew more than the trickled down "sales strategy" that 99% of the wedding industry follows


Booking 6k clients and building an associate team

What others have said about working with Abby

" Abby’s approach works"

" I now know how to generate leads when I want them to come in. But not only am I able to generate them, I am able to see good success with closing them! I don’t feel like I’m trying to do all the marketing things anymore and it’s really brought me work/life balance. I’ve been able to steadily increase my prices even during a pandemic! I’m now charging 1300 more than before!
I just had my highest earning month EVER in 8 years of business! The value of my bookings was worth 17k of projects in one month. I also earned 10k in revenue last month! My husband and I are now debt free,"


Debt free and having 5 figure months

" Out of all my photography education, this by far has been the greatest return on investment. "

" Long term I know I can position myself to be a highly sought after photographer. Short term, my goal this year was to book 5 weddings. I have 10 and counting and it's only April! I was able to learn how to simplify and sell! 
Within a week of implementing content from Abby, RAISING my prices I booked 3 weddings within 24 hours of each other. After booking 6 weddings successfully, I just raised my prices again and booked my first 2022 wedding. I promise I would not have had this success without Abby's teachings. "


Raised her prices $1,000 in 3 months 

Inside this video, we will tackle multiple mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck! From dead zones, structuring packages, choosing your price, and more—there are so many hurdles that you need to overcome mentally before you can actually tackle these hurdles in your business. So, we are going to kick things off with a BANG and tackle them first! Get ready to massively uplevel your confidence with your price tag!

Sure, you have heard people say before, “know what your time is worth” or “know your expenses”, and while those are essential they aren’t usually helpful. Did you know there is actually a really easy formula you can use to determine where your prices need to be in order to hit your financial goals? Well, that is what we are going to break down here so you know what you should be charging to hit your goals + break down an action plan on how to get you there! I won’t leave you hanging with fluffy advice or basic adding up your expenses—I trust that you can do that on your own! Access a simple 3 step formula for where your prices should be, and how you can get there.

Here’s what you will learn inside this action-packed Bootcamp!

Your Mindset Around Pricing

Setting Pricing Goals for Financial Success 

Video 01

Video 02

This is your chance to get a step-by-step breakdown of what to put in your guide, the order to place it in, and understand how each piece creates a domino effect with getting your clients to trust and value you—BEFORE they ever see a price tag. This is key to getting a commitment from your clients. Plus, after reviewing hundreds of pricing guides for photographers over the last 3 years, I am also sharing the top 10 most common mistakes I see inside of pricing guides that can drastically hurt your chances at sales.

The Pricing Guide Strategy 

Video 04

What the heck do I offer? How do I structure it? How do I sell it? I hear this often. So we are going to break down: The myth you might be believing about your offers and how to re-frame the way you think about it for more sales. The two-step process most people take when making a buying decision and 3 step action plan to clarify your offers today.

Creating Your Packages

Video 03

Through 6 action-taking videos, we will help you bridge the gap between the prices you desire and how to actually make them your reality.

Tired of feeling like every client who comes your way is dialed in on your prices before you ever get the chance to sell them on your value? Well, a little secret between friends, you might be causing this to happen unconsciously. We are going to break down one thing in your inquiry reply email to avoid saying, one simple pricing guide tip to help re-direct focus away from price, and the one phrase that is causing you to get discount questions.

This video is full of action steps for breaking into a new market and raising your prices! From what to do before you raise prices, after you raise them, dead zones, and even how to evaluate how much to raise and when—we break it all down inside this video so you can create a solid game-plan for success! 

Language to Avoid That is Causing Clients to Focus on a Price Tag

Raising Your Prices 

Video 05

Video 06

But wait, there's more! - Don't forget your bonuses! 

Stepping Out of Imposter Syndrome 

Join me to break down 5 action-packed steps to take each time imposter syndrome creeps in and you begin to think “who am I to charge these prices?!” 

3 Step Formula for Navigating Roadblocks and Hard Questions 

Never feel stuck again when it comes to navigating circumstances that make so many of us cringe! From “can I have a discount”, “we need a different package,” “we are still looking around,” and more that you hear on a regular basis—I will give you a 3 step formula to tackle those questions and roadblocks like a pro! 

If you are choosing to undercharge (and it is a choice!) then you are already assuming others don’t see your value versus giving them a chance and letting them decide on how valuable their service is to them. 

Because, really, your price tag should be viewed as nothing more than a detail of your offer—not the make or break aspect of your service. 

Life is too short to not be paid what you deserve and work harder for clients who don’t value you or your time. 

Im In!


I still remember sitting at a price point that I had outgrown, but was paralyzed with fear of raising them too much. In fact, I was told by an industry leader that if I raised my prices I would be in a dead zone and to move forward carefully… maybe you can relate?

Part of me didn’t want to believe it, and the other part was too scared of screwing up my business not to believe it. 

For months I had been booking non-stop at $2,800 and my calendar was full… yet I was not making nearly enough for how hard I was working. I knew I needed to cross into the $3,000 range, but at the time it felt so out of reach. 

Everything changed during one podcast episode I listened to about money and pricing. They were talking about someone who was afraid to raise their prices $100 when they were already charging thousands—and at that moment it felt like a gut punch. 🥊

They said, “there is always someone out there who will pay whatever price you set.”

That was me. I had been that person. Stressing for MONTHS about ruining my business because of a $200 price increase. At that moment I realized I was doing the damage. I was keeping myself stuck. 

I went home and immediately changed my prices to $3,000 and I never stopped booking clients. And within a couple of months, I needed to increase again. So, I raised my prices to $3,200 then to $3,500. While inquires slowed down a tad because I no longer appealed to price shoppers due to my new price range, bookings remained consistent, but this time, I was booking DREAM clients who added onto their packages and even tipped me at the end of their wedding.

Next thing I knew, I broke all the rules and raised my prices to $4,500 without blinking an eye.  ( That was a $1,000 price increase in one day! ) 

Now, I don’t let price tags hold me back because I realized business is one big game of breaking the “rules” others have set so you can see success. 

I view things differently and I want you to as well. I want you to walk away knowing that you are in control of your success—not the price tags you set for your business.

Hey, I’m Abby!


Here is a quick look inside

And as a fellow photographer, I get it. You’re used to getting hit with things like this all the time...

“Do you offer discounts?”
“I found someone cheaper?”
“Can we take this out for a cheaper price?”
Or you just get *ghosted* with no indication why...

But the answer isn’t to just discount your prices because that won’t solve the problem.

Believe it or not, you have a lot of power over how someone views your services and prices—why would we try to direct them to think we are “cheap” or “well priced?”

Those terms are relative to an individual’s situation.

For some $300 is a huge investment, for others, it’s a fun day out with their family and they won’t think twice about the money spent.

When it comes to your price tag, the goal isn’t “what’s affordable and will attract lots of clients?”

The goal should always be to think—what do my clients value? How do they view their investment? How do I create a service that matches those desires so their investment becomes irrelevant because they are so excited to work with me?

Pricing your services shouldn’t be about matching a price tag to a service or even giving a “good deal” for a service. It’s about giving an experience and outcome that far outweighs the concern of the investment.

Ready to transform your entire client experience?

Listen, by choosing to undercharge for your services, you’re not giving your client a chance to decide for themselves if your service is valuable to them… you’re choosing for them.

The first step to booking clients who value you, is having confidence in what you put in front of them ....from your prices, pricing guide, and your packages! All of which you will find inside the bootcamp! 

YES! Im In!

You can see results like this too ...

Wondering if this is the best next move for you?

Feel the stress of pricing is running your photography business, keeping you stuck, and leaving you questioning everything 

Are confident in your work and know it’s worth more than you’re charging 

Desire to run a profitable business 

Dream of setting a price and booking clients at it without them questioning you 

Have been in a spiral of raising and lowering your prices 

Freak out every time inquires start to slow down and you feel the urge to lower prices

It is if you…

How long will it take to complete? 

Roughly 4 hours in total to watch all of the videos! ( depending on how many times you pause for notes! )  You can binge in a day or take your time because you get lifetime access! 

Let’s answer your questions!

Is there a workbook?

Heck yes! Each lesson comes with a space inside of the workbook to write your thoughts, do homework, and tackle roadblocks head-on! 

What makes this different?

If you are riding the struggle bus of pricing or confidence in your prices then this is for you hands down! All of our strategies are based in sales psychology which means I am handing you a playbook that works. These aren’t just theories, ideas, suggestions, or helpful tips - these are strategies you NEED for success 

How is the content structured?

The content inside is made up of 6 core videos that range from roughly 20-30 minutes with a workbook for each video! 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We feel so confident that this bootcamp will not only kick your confidence in pricing presentation up a few notches, but also your bank account, that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee! Jump in, watch the lessons, do the homework, and if you feel like nothing we taught helped you, just shoot us an email and let us know! 

Should I buy this if I am already an Inner Circle Member?

No, Inner Circle members can find these videos, plus more, inside of Module 2 of the program!

Have more questions? Email me at and let's chat! 

Do you feel inside that you should be charging more but have a lingering fear it will ruin everything?

Do you feel inside that you should be charging more but have a lingering fear it will ruin everything?

If you just answered “yup” then it’s a no-brainer that you need to enroll in this course! 

This course will help you charge more with confidence after working through your own mental blocks. 

It will take the lingering thought of, “I wish I could book every client at my dream price” and truly turn it into your reality. 

My big promise to you is that we’ll transform your approach to pricing your services so clients can focus on your VALUE, not the price tag. You’ll gain access to everything you need to tackle your mindset around pricing and gain impactful strategies that will give you results that reflect in your bank account. 

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to ask yourself…

Heck Yes! I am in!