What if I told you that you could create a solid and reliable system for converting inquiries into clients without needing lower prices, a bigger portfolio, or even an excess amount of inquiries 

You know that it is possible to book out your calendar, but you keep struggling with...

✘ Not knowing if your inquiries will book
✘ You aren't sure how to show up, sell, or show your value 
✘ Knowing what isn't working and why people are choosing to
"go in another direction" 
✘ You fear raising prices and that clients won't pay for your services

Are you struggling to know when your next inquiry will come in and actually turn into a paying Client?

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Imagine if you could ….

✓ start closing sales within hours of inquiry 

✓ be able to control your stream of inquiries and how full you wanted your calendar to be

✓ drastically cut back on price shoppers, altering your packages, losing your leads to other photographers, and start filling your calendar by just simply changing your approach instead of prices

I want this!

Want to know a secret? You *can* create a simple system that consistently converts inquiries into clients and fills your calendar!


The Pitch to Profit Program

Where photographers can learn how to create, price, and sell their offers in a way that books out their calendar with excited clients!

Do you believe one of these three Myths?

If you are not consistently booking leads...


If you think you need an inquiry hitting your inbox almost daily in order to get clients, then I can tell you that you have a few gaps in your booking process! 

The truth is, you just need solid leads that know exactly what you have to offer and know they want it from you! 

We don't need more leads, we just need quality leads. 

then that means that you have an offer and sales system that isn't working in your favor!  


Nope! you don't! 
Truthfully, when someone is having trouble booking at a price point it usually is because their value is not clearly showing through in their pricing guide or during consultations. 

Guess what though? It is an easy fix! 

I will show you the simple steps to take to reframe the way clients view your offers and pricing! 


Nope, not necessarily! 
The truth is, usually the better salesman gets the client! 

Sure you need to have a connection, be nice, and gain trust with potential clients - but anyone can do that! The one who can create connections, gain trust, and sell will be the one who books consistently! 

Here's what Tierney said about PTP...

" I have booked every bride that I’ve gotten on a phone call or video chat with since taking this course."

If you are on the fence about Pitch to Profit- just do it. Seriously, Abby has been like a fairy godmother for my business. I would always have what felt like successful client meetings, but either I would end up losing the client or it would take me weeks, sometimes even a couple months to close the lead and have them officially booked. I was so sick of “nagging” potential clients, or losing out altogether even though the meeting seemed to go well.

After implementing Abby’s strategy, I booked 3 weddings within a week of finishing the course, and I heard back from all of them within two days of our consultation call! Even more recently, I had a consultation call with two potential clients. Both of them booked in under 24 hours. When I was on the call with them, it was like they were already sold on me. That’s the magic of this course!

By using Abby’s methods, your potential clients are sold on you before they even speak to you. I have booked every bride that I’ve gotten on a phone call or video chat with since taking this course. I’ve even been able to raise my prices!! The crazy thing is, that all of this has happened during the pandemic! So grateful for Abby sharing her wisdom!

-  Tierney Riggs

It isn't always about the Portfolio or the Price...

Within my first year in business I booked 19 of my own weddings without second shooting! In fact, half of those weddings were booked before I had any portfolio to show. 

When I first started my business I was just like most photographers, I had no portfolio or any clue on how to grow my business. The one thing I was never afraid to do though was show up and sell. 

How did I do it? I sold. I learned what type of offers worked. I learned selling tactics. I learned how to pitch my services. I learned how to close sales. 

I didn't rely on a portfolio, my gear, talent, or even my website. I just got in front of my audience and sold the best way I knew how. 

That is what makes Pitch to Profit so powerful, it allows you to be in control of the sale. It gives you the skills, guidance, and permission to show up and sell your services in a way that leaves clients ready to buy. 

No more holding back, not being sure what to say, or worrying about coming off as sales-y. We will walk you through how to show up and sell your services in a way that feels natural, fun, and confident!

The 3 core modules of the program will allow you to take your inquiries from "We found someone else," to
"We would love to book you!"

✓Get the 3 Step system for creating a strong offer, presenting pricing, and pitching your offer in a way that shows true value!

✓Get access to the private Facebook group for support and celebrations!

✓Plus, get key bonuses that allow you to strategically implement and scale your new booking strategies! 

The Top Benefits of joining Pitch to Profit

These are just some of the results our students have seen! 


Closing more leads, sometimes multiple a day.


Excited Clients who
pay in Full.


Closing Inquires the same day they come in.


Updated Pricing Structures that feel solid and convert.


A better understanding on how to sell through serving.


Understanding key tactics to close a sale - without discounts.

Guess What?

Booking clients can actually become easy and stress-free!

What's the 3 Step Method?

This right here is the foundation of the program that gets your clients off the fence and committing to you with ease!


This module will walk you through how to make sure your offers are in alignment with your clients needs and how to make them stand-out!

If you ever feel like you struggle with talking about the value your services bring while showcasing why YOU are the right choice - then this will change that! 


Let's be real here, pricing can be a huge pain point for photographers but I don't believe it needs to stay that way!
I will walk you through how to present your pricing, how to add pricing triggers that make prices seem less overwhelming, and how to cushion your pricing strategically in your pricing guide to make sure the value supports the price!


Ready to show up and sell?
This module walks you through how to create a solid pitch for your offer so that your ideal client automatically knows it is for them! 

Just a simple 3 step formula and you are on your way to selling your offers with way more confidence!

Now, let's chat about these *game changing* Bonuses!

*plus...these bonuses!*


 If the idea of selling makes you want to break out in hives or start sweating profusely, then this training is for you! Join me while we walk through a simple training to reframe the way that you view selling and how to confidently talk about your services knowing that you have exactly what your clients need!


Learn how to create easy and consistent content that allows your clients to feel seen, heard, and appreciated while hooking them on your services! From popping into DMs, using stories strategically, and even structuring strong captions - this module will make you more confident with your social content and how you serve/ sell your followers!


Learn how to effectively raise your prices without losing bookings! This is the exact strategy I have used time and time again to raise my prices and continue to book without any laps in inquiries or bookings! Learn the seven must have steps you need to take to prep your business and clients for price increases! Plus, get access to the pricing email templates to help you address any pricing related emails in your business!


This bonus is jammed packed with 50 minutes worth of pricing guide strategy! From layouts, structuring packages, displaying pricing, and prepping your clients to buy - this lesson walks you through every step of presenting your clients with pricing information! 


Warning! - this bonus has allowed students to see almost instant results! Watch as I walk through a full booking funnel for your photo business! You'll learn how I quickly convert injuries, show value, and sell my services in a way that allows clients to commit to me and my services with ease! 


Don't leave your clients hanging once they inquire with you! Create a strong landing page for them to be sent to once their inquiry is sent you way in order to keep them excited and ready for your reply! This quick training will give you an idea of how to set up a "thank you" page that leaves clients excited for your follow-up email! 

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What About the BRAND NEW Bonuses?

If you are ready to gain some serious momentum in your business...

Training 1 - How to Book Out Your Mini Session Live Training

Let’s be honest, with Covid-19 causing everyone to switch up their bookings, everyone could use a successful fall Mini Session Weekend! 
We will hop on Zoom, and chat live all about how to create the perfect game-plan for you to sell out your mini sessions with ease!

+ You'll get lifetime access to the call recording! 

then These trainings + Coaching  will allow you to take your business to the next level with ease!

Training 2 - How to Maximize Your Content

Again, Covid-19 has probably messed with your content creation due to lack of shooting.
So, we will deep dive into how you can maximize your old and new content in order to see huge results and provide tons of value to generate leads for your business! 

There will be no lack of content on your end after this call! 

This training will be held live + You'll get lifetime access to the call recording! 

Office Hours!

Every month I will be going live via zoom and chat 1-1 with you and answer your questions, help you problem-solve, or review anything you are working on related to Pitch to Profit! Let’s hang-out virtually every month and chat about how you can keep your business moving forward and ask questions live so we can chat and work through them!

Think of it as easy access to a personal coach every month to answer the question that is holding you back!

No Risk with our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

I firmly believe in my program and it's ability to change the way you show up and sell! This isn't just my opinion either, students have seen big results! 

Because I am so confident, I am giving you 45 days to go through the program and implement the tactics I teach! If you do the work, watch the videos, and still find that none of the tactics work for you - just email us proof that you implemented the program to the best of your ability and we will refund! 


Pitch to Profit was my secret to creating a 6-figure business based out of two cities, 7 hours from each other! It was what allowed me to break into new markets, travel for weddings, and see fast results in my business that allowed me to drop out of college and go full time 1 year into my business at the age of 20.

A few years ago I remember sitting on the couch at a family members house over new years and scrolling Facebook. I was reading post after post about how no one was booked for the upcoming year and they may not be able to quit their jobs like they had hoped for.
Truthfully, this shocked me! I was smack in the middle of a 60 day period where I brought in 18k in booking deposits - I began to wonder what make me different. Why was I booking when others couldn't?

As I began coaching other photographers I quickly realized what it was. It was the way that I was showing up and selling. I was selling with intention. I had a system that worked. I knew how to speak to my clients in a way that motivated them to buy and break down any barriers that kept them from committing. I knew how to gain trust, show value, and make the process easy for my clients.

How did I figure all of this out? Well, as much as I wish I could say I learned it from the multiple photography courses I bought, that isn't close to being true. I learned it from years of studying phycological selling triggers, learning from online marketers, buys thousand+ dollar programs that taught how to sell online, from watching fitness coaches and boutique owners sell... I learned these tactics from other industries, then brought them back to my photography business and re-created them into a system that WORKED!

This is where Pitch to Profit comes in. I created this program to fill in the gaps that so many courses leave when it comes to running a photography business that consistently books and allows you to be in control. I am committed to showing you how you can show up and close the inquiries that you work so hard to get in order to fill your calendar with your dream clients!

I was a 19 year old who decided to drop out of college to pursue her dream of being a photographer and 6 years later here I am...

Meet Abby!

Proven Systems and Strategy
Freedom in your Business

Sales systems help you confidently and consistently book clients without stressing about the number of inquiries you received that week.  

Pricing strategies help you show up confidently when asking for payment and allows your clients to feed off of your confident energy and see your value. 

Having a strategy that helps you pin-point and create unique offers for your business allows you to stand out and be seen by the right clients in order to keep your calendar booked. 

If an Inquiry hit your Inbox today with a Dream Bride - Can you confidently say you know how to show them your Value and Sell your Offer?

If the Answer is 'No,' it's time to make a Change...

"...from a very empty calendar to a completely booked up one!"

Abby has helped me go from a very empty calendar to a completely booked up one! She has helped me re-evaluate my process and how I offer / sell my services and experiences, and adding in elements that made me stand out in my very overly saturated city! I went from consistently getting "ghosted" from inquires to consistently booking those inquiries from brides that were EXCITED to work with me! - and were complete dreams!

- Katie Hauburger

"I've already booked 2 weddings just from the bonus course alone!"

Thank God inquiries are now consistent in our business but converting them had been the big issue. Then I found out about pitch to profit! I’ve already booked 2 weddings just from the bonus course alone! And I have 2 more pending. I believe your course is the gap that has been missing in the educational photography industry. Totally worth the investment!

-  Leslie Margarita


"Within weeks of starting...  I booked 3 weddings in one weekend!"

I have spent thousands on courses and workshops, but Abby's course is honestly THE missing link in the industry right now. Leading up to enrolling, I'd gone 5 months and 50+ inquiries with zero new bookings. I was scared, depressed, and honestly thought I'd failed in business. Within 2 weeks of starting the course, I booked 3 weddings in one weekend! This course has totally changed my business and my mindset. Now I have so much clarity and focus, and I can't wait to keep implementing more! No one course is a magic bullet, but if you've got a solid portfolio and passion for what you do, Abby's course will help you turn that into a promise and a pitch that serves your clients well.

- Amanda Wose

"I feel like she has a no-fluff mentality when it comes to education..."

I've invested in several courses, but honestly, Abby's course is my favorite! I feel like she has a no-fluff mentality when it comes to education, and I definitely need no fluff since I have the attention span of a mouse. She's helped me think about common business principles in a completely new way. I also really like how each week is dedicated to a new module. This gives you time to process and roll out each step before beginning the next. With other courses, I would watch the whole thing, take notes, and plan on getting back to it later on. Life got in the way and I never got back to it. Abby's course is super easy to implement and she walks you through every step in order to make sure you are successful. I'm so excited to see how this will change my business!

-  Elizabeth Golden

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Here's what a few more students had to say...

"I'm getting inquiries more consistently than ever before and I'm booking left and right "

   I genuinely cannot thank Abby enough for the information she shared in this course. I always felt like my work was good and that I should be booking more, but I could never get more than 5-ish weddings on my calendar per year. It was SO frustrating!!
    I decided to enroll in Pitch to Profit and started seeing results almost immediately. Abby addressed confidently raising prices (which was a huge fear of mine) and how to present information to clients that make them feel taken care of. After implementing the techniques I learned from this course, I've been able to book 7 weddings in just 3 months! That's a 40% increase in just 3 months! 
     I'm getting inquiries more consistently than ever before and I'm booking left and right. Completing the Pitch to Profit course has made me feel like the sky is the limit when it comes to what I can achieve. can't wait to watch my business continue to grow! Thank you for changing my business for the better, Abby! I'll never stop singing your praises!

-  Lizzie Baker

These are just some of the results our students have seen! 

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will this course take to implement?


How is this different than other Photography Business courses?


Will this work if I'm priced in a Dead Zone?


Is this just for Wedding Photographers?

You could easily go through this course in a week, but I recommend taking just a few hours a week for one month to really dig into each module and implement as you go. 

This is a great question and one I could go on an on about! Pitch to Profit was created to fill in holes that I kept finding in other business education in the photography industry!
There is a big hole when it comes to talking about creating offers, pricing, and ultimately selling your offers in a strong and confident way! If you have ever taken a course and thought, " that makes sense, but I still don't really know what to do to convince someone to book me..." then it is because these key pieces were left out and this will fill in those blanks!

Can I be really honest with you? I don't truly believe in dead zones. 
Are there price ranges that are slightly harder to book in, yes - but can you still book in them? yes! 
I believe your ability to sell in a price zone comes down to how you show up, show value, and sell - not due to lack of clients. 

You can sell any offer at any price as long as it is positioned right. 
P.S. - that is what I teach you!

NOPE! This is for any photographer looking to grow their business by filling their calendar with excited clients!

The program has plenty of examples that don't just relate to wedding photographers! 

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• Access all 3 Core Modules
• Get the 6 Game - Changing Bonuses
• Access to the Student Facebook Group
• Access to all future coaching and live Q&A calls

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3 Month Pay

3 Monthly Payments of $179

• Access all 3 Core Modules
• Get the 6 Game-Changing Bonuses
• Access to the Student Facebook Group
• Access to all future coaching and live Q&A calls

$179 for 3 Months

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