Are you tired of feeling like you “check” every box on social media week after week with minimal results? 
 Well, what if I told you there was a way to create a plan for success on social media without having to start from scratch with every new update that comes your way?

Introducing the Marketing with Strategy Crash Course! This crash course will give you an Inside look at the process we use inside of the Profitable Photographers Inner Circle on how to navigate marketing with strategy in order to create authority, demand, and massive trust with the followers you already have! If you are ready to show up and maximize your results on social media with LESS time and LESS guessing games, then grab this crash course and you can start implementing these strategies immediately! 

The Details

Marketing with Strategy Crash-Course

Here’s what you get inside this action-packed crash course! 

-The Power of Strategic Marketing and what it actually looks like in use (15-minute training )  

-8 DM Strategies you can use to create connection - without using the “ Hey, girl” approach (25-minute training ) 

-A breakdown of the 5 types of strategic content that will help you create content that generates leads now and in the future (20-minute training ) 

-Simple IG story framework that will help you sell your services/ special offers (15-minute training ) 

-Using Highlights to Prime new followers and turn them into trusting clients (15-minute training video ) 

-BONUS - 30 Authority Creating Social Media Prompts ( PDF download ) 

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