What if I told you that you could create a solid email marketing plan for your photography business that would allow you to generate new clients, nurture subscribers, and gain loyal clients who come back time and time again

You know that it is possible to see success with a list, but you keep struggling with...

✘ Not knowing what to say in your emails 
✘ You aren't sure how to show up, sell, or serve your list with ease
✘ Knowing what to send an email list without promoting your services 24/7
✘ You have no clue how to use your list to generate local leads for your business

Strugglin' to figure out exactly how email marketing can make an impact in your photography business? 

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Imagine if you could ….

✓ use a list to generate HOT leads for your business while you sleep 

✓ Use email to get directly into your ideal client's inbox WITHOUT dealing with the algorithm

✓ Prep your email marketing calendar weeks, months, even 1 year in advance with ease 

✓ Access pre-written emails that you need for success, and save hours of writing them yourself 

I want this!

Want to know a secret? Your clients are more likely to take action on an offer through an email than on social media! 


Email Marketing for Photographers

The step-by-step playbook for photographers looking to see success with their list - both in growth and sales! 

Do you believe one of these three Myths?

If you think email marketing won't work...

✘ I don'thave thousands of followers so I won't get enough subscribers to see success 

Truth is, a small list can be powerful!
Not only that, but when you are creating a list based on local subscribers those fewer subscriber will be more powerful that hundreds of "non-local" subscribers. Why? Because they are the ones who will take action! 
Example - If you have 75 local subscribers, you only need 10 of them to fill a mini session weekend! 

then that means that you are over complicating it
and need a simple step-by-step guide to get started

✘ I'm worried I will "annoy" my subscribers

Nope! You won't!

1) When someone joins an email list they are joining it because they are interested in what it is that you have to offer them. It's your job to show up and serve/sell them! 

2) When people open their inbox they are expecting to see emails from companies they love. An email inbox is where people go to see sales and information that they want to learn more about!

✘ I have nothing to talk about 

Nah, that isn't the case at all! 

There are hundreds of things as a photographer that you can talk about to provide value to your clients! You don't just need to talk about your services, we need to figure out how to take your knowledge and skills and share them with your subscribers! 

P.S. inside this course you will get 150+ email ideas!  

Your email list success doesn't need to be complicated...

Your email list is not another marketing platform that needs daily attention in order to maintain success or high ranking in an algorithm. All it needs is for you to commit to showing up a coupe of times a month to keep your readers excited and engaged!

When it comes to breaking down email marketing, it comes down to a handful of strategies that work hand-in-hand to help you see success. The great news? You can automate most of them! 

Inside of this course we break down the 4 main strategies that you need in order to see success with your list + a handful of advanced strategies to take your marketing skills to the next level! 

What would it be like to send just 2-3 emails and book out a mini session weekend?
Or, maybe gain a new wedding client all because of a series of automated emails you set up 6 months earlier?
Or, maybe you could use your list to generate sales after sessions + bring old clients back and create a loyal clientele?

The truth is, an email list can and will help you do all of those things and that is what we teach you inside of this program! 

The 5 core modules of the program will give you the step-by-step playbook you need to make your list a success with minimal time! 

✓Get the 4 core strategies you need to successfully grow your list and successfully generate clients 

✓Get access to 5 advanced strategy videos to build on-top of your strategies for automated growth and sales 

✓Plus, get key bonuses that allow you to easily implement your new tactics and start seeing success quickly

The Top Benefits of joining Email Marketing for Photographers

These are just some of the results our students have seen! 


Easy Growth for their list with a well thought out strategy.


Creating a simple plan for their emails without spending hours staring at a computer.


Generating leads with their list while they enjoy life.


Easily creating trust with subscribers and priming them to buy.


A better understanding on how to sell with a list and keep it simple.


Understanding how each piece of email marketing can be simplified or automated for ease.

Guess What?

Using email to support your business can be easy 

What's Included?

This right here is the foundation of the program that gets your clients off the fence and committing to you with ease!

MODULE 1 - Welcome 

Inside This Module We Chat About WHY I Believe Email Is So Important For Photographers - Especially Right Now!

We Also Cover The Mindset Shifts To Make In Order To See Success and Not Allow Fear of Being "Spammy" Hold You Back!

MODULE 2 - Growth Strategy

We’ll Dive Into 8 Videos, 100% Focused On List Growth!

From Learning How To Talk About Your List In A Way That Converts, Where To Place Sign Ups, How To Promote Signing Up, And How To Create A Free Download That Your Viewers Can't Turn Down - Everything You Need for Easy Growth will Be Covered!

MODULE 3 - The Welcome Strategy

Have You Ever Heard Of A Welcome Sequence But No Idea What It Means, How To Do It, Or What To Say?

 In This Module We Break Down What To Say, Why It Is Important, The Timeline, And We Provide The Written Emails For You To Copy And Paste Into Your Business!

Yep, you read that right! We provide the fully written emails ready to use! 

MODULE 4 - Your Nurture Strategy

We Breakdown The How, What, When, And Who For Email Marketing!

Get The Easy Newsletter Formula, How To Create Strong Subject Lines, How To Increase Open Rates, And Even The Stats On When To/ Not To Send Emails!

MODULE 5 - The Promo Strategy

Ever Wondered How To Run A Flash Sale Or Promote Minis To Your Email List Effectively?

Well, I Gotcha!
We Break Down The Promotional Set-Up, Timeframe, And Even Provide The Sales Email Templates For You To Use!

MODULE 6 - The Bonus Strategies

These Are Your Quick Tip Strategies To Level -Up Your Email Game Once You Get The Basics In Place!

From Post Session Funnels, Growing Your List With Advanced Strategies, And How To Even Get Past Customers On Your List And Back Into Your Business.

These Tactics Will Help You Scale Your List ( and Sales ) With Success!

Now, let's chat about these *game changing* Bonuses!

*plus...these bonuses!*

04. Engage Your list

Let's Walk Through 9 Tactics To Grow Your Engagement OR Re-Engage A Cold List That Hasn't Heard From You In A While

05. Canva Template

Walk Through The Creation Of A Free Download, How To Make It Stand Out + Bring Viewers Back To Your Website. PLUS, Get Access To A Free Download Template On Canva For Free!

06. The Pre-Written Emails 

Get Access To A Fully Written Welcome Sequence + Promotional Emails 
We Made Sure To Take Care Of The Up-Front Work For You!

01. 157 Email Ideas for Photographers 

Get Access to a List of 157 Topics Ideas for Wedding Photographers, Senior Photographers, Boudoir, Family, the Holidays, Sales, and More!

02. One Year Email Marketing Calendar

Join Me At A Look Inside Of Google Calendar Where I Break Down One Year Worth Of Ideas, Timeframe, And How To Set-Up Your Marketing Calendar

03. The email stats you need to know

We Breakdown WHY Email Is The Most Direct Way To Get To Your Customers + What Stats Are Good, Bad, Or Average - So You Know Where To Improve ( Or Celebrate )

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One Time Payment ( Normally $357 ) 

• Access all 6 Core Modules
• Get the 6 Game - Changing Bonuses
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• Access to live coaching and Q&A

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No Risk with our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

I firmly believe in my program and it's ability to change the way you show up and sell! This isn't just my opinion either, students have seen big results! 

Because I am so confident, I am giving you 45 days to go through the program and implement the tactics I teach! If you do the work, watch the videos, and still find that none of the tactics work for you - just email us proof that you implemented the program to the best of your ability and we will refund! 


I know that you, and your business, were made for more and that with a little extra help you can reach those goals! 

When I was starting with email marketing I remember looking high and low for a course that taught me what to say, how to say it, and when to say it - but it didn't exist. At least not for a photographer... It all felt like a whole new language that I just couldn't master without a little hand holding.

If you are like me, then you don’t have time to consume ALL of the content, spend hours trying to figure out how things should be implemented, or spend thousands on multiple courses to piece it all together. I am ready to give you actionable, no fluff, bite sized content that will allow you to take action with confidence and start using email marketing today to grow your business! No hoops to jump through or steps to figure out on your own!

You can finally stop waiting until you have it all figured out because this course will walk you step-by-step with clear tactics, scripts, and strategies needed to see success with email!

I am an Enneagram 5 which means I am obsessed with strategy and learning how marketing works inside of our businesses

Meet Abby!

Quick, to the point lessons that gives you the playbook you need to dive into email starting today...

Three things I can promise you about this course - 

1) We break this course down into a simple step-by-step strategy so that way you can implement and grow with each video! 

2) We did a lot of the hard work for you. What do I mean? We laid out the ideas, we laid out the formulas, we wrote the emails, and we brainstormed the topics - all so you can dive in without hesitation or confusion! 

3) I don't do fluff. If you have taken an email course before but left the course still not knowing how to really implement the ideas and move forward - well, that won't be the case here! This course is 100% strategy and processes!

How would it feel to be able to show up and serve your followers in a new and unique way that doesn't involve you dealing with an algorithm?

I think we all dream of that, right?

"The bonus section alone is worth A LOT"

What I love the most about this course is that Abby delivers easy and bite sized strategies for email marketing. As a busy mom of 2 I need a course I can get through quickly and walk away with strategy and new skills! The bonus section alone is worth A LOT! 157 email ideas for busy photographers who never know what to write in an email!? SIGN ME UP!

- Jackie

" ...my email marketing game is going to up-level SO MUCH!!"

After going through the course and watching almost all the videos, I instantly feel like my email marketing game is going to up-level SO MUCH!! I feel so much more confident about showing up in my subscribers' inboxes and using my list as a form of marketing. I now have the tools to create emails that people want to open & read, and how to welcome + nurture subscribers on my list. Before this course I felt lost & unsure when it came to email marketing, but now I feel confident in knowing what to say, how to serve my audience, and grow my list and business.

-  Reed

WHAT IF ONE TACTIC INSIDE THIS PROGRAM HELPED you bring in one new client.....

"I am someone who loves a step-by-step guide to doing things, and this course is exactly that. "

In Email Marketing for Photographers, Abby leaves nothing out. Not only does she open her playbook to hundreds of email topics, but she also covers when to send emails, and why you should be emailing them. She shows you the exact steps to see results and success through your emails. I am someone who loves a step-by-step guide to doing things, and this course is exactly that. 

Abby removes all barriers and guesswork to email marketing. She breaks it down so that it's just another fun way to serve your people! If you're anything like me, you don't want to appear spammy to your subscribers. I genuinely want to help them! Abby shows you how to do that in this course, and helps you adopt a mindset of serving your clients and not spamming them with promotions.

- Emma 

"I feel like she has a no-fluff mentality when it comes to education..."

If you have ever said “I need to start/keep up with email Marketing” but always leave it for ‘tomorrow’, you need this course! Abby explains everything you need to know about email marketing, whether you are just starting or need a little push to nurture and grow your list.

This course is so easy to understand and filled with valuable information for all photographers, beginners or pros! And the bonuses, OMG, the bonuses are amazing too!!!

You won’t regret investing in this course, because you’ll surely be investing in your business and growth!

-  Juliana 

These are just some of the results our students have seen! 

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will this course take to implement?


I have a VERY small list, will this really help me?


I am not the best at writing content/ copy - will I struggle with this?


Im not a tech genius - will I struggle with this?

You could easily go through this in a day but I suggest taking a few hours a week, for a few weeks to really implement as you go!

YES! The beauty of this course is that we will teach you to grow that list in a way that has purpose - in order to get the right people on your list!
Plus, a small list isn't bad if it is an engaged list - and don't worry, we will help you with that too! 

First let me say, I am with you. I have never been strong with grammar or writing skills - that is why I made sure we provided not only templates, outlines, and formulas to make writing easier but also written emails to take off the initial pressure so you can focus on strategies and growth while you work on the writing portion!

Once again, you and me both! That is what the Facebook group is for!

Got a question on set-up that has you stumped? - we are there to help! Whether you just need confirmation on something or a step -by- step, you won't be alone to figure it out!

Here's what a few more students had to say...

"This is just what I needed to truly understand and break down email marketing."

One of the most overwhelming parts of my business was SOLVED with Abby’s amazing course! This is just what I needed to truly understand and break down email marketing. She walks you through it completely and makes it MAKE SENSE! I am so thankful for this course + Abby’s knowledge!

-  Amber

"this course blew me away"

I am always impressed with how Abby educates so effectively, but this course blew me away! Right off the bat, I learned that it's amazing how simple mindset shifts can change everything when it comes to email marketing. As I kept going through the course, I learned specific and impactful ways to grow my audience and serve them better. I was one of those people who always thought email lists were spammy and annoying, but now I know that it is a way for me to SHOW UP and SERVE my clients in a way that makes them look forward to receiving my next email! Abby really is a biz genius!!

-  Becca

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Full Pay

One Time Payment ( Normally $357 ) 

• Access all 6 Core Modules
• Get the 6 Game - Changing Bonuses
• Access to the Student Facebook Group
• Access to live coaching and Q&A

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6 Month Pay

6 Monthly Payments of $47

• Access all 6 Core Modules
• Get the 6 Game-Changing Bonuses
• Access to the Student Facebook Group
• Access to live coaching and Q&A

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