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My favorite gear

Canon Mark iii
Sigma 35mm 1.4 
Sigma 50mm 1.5

Sigma 85mm 1.4
Canon 100mm 2.8 macro 
Canon 70-200 2.8 

Flashes - ( 3) 
Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT 

My favorite printing companies 

Kiss Books 


Great Business POdcasts & Books 

Goal Digger - Jenna Kutcher 
Pursuit with Purpose - Melyssa Griffin
Brands that Book - Davey Jones 

Purple Cow -Seth Godin 
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert 
Tribes - Seth Godin 

My Website

Website Platform - Showit! 
Blog - Wordpress integrated with Showit! 
Designed by - With Grace and Gold

Online Shop Host - Shopify 


What is my favorite Client Management System? 
HONEYBOOK! I love their customer service, the ease that it provides clients, and how gorgeous it looks! - As a photographer that is important to me! I can collect payments, send contracts, and chat with clients all in one spot! Plus it keeps me from accidentally booking more than one wedding on one day ( a photographer's worst nightmare! ). I have a code just for YOU to try Honeybook Today and receive 50% off your first year! Trust me, you want to try it! - GIVE ME 50% OFF! 

What are 5 systems I use everyday in my business? 

I love using PASS for my online galleries!
 BlogStomp is a lifesaver for making collages for my blog posts! 
Canva is my favorite new favorite thing! I create content like free downloads, collages, shop items, and more with just a few simple clicks! 
Google Annalytics because I am slightly obsessed with numbers and love seeing who is on my website, where they are coming from, and what are the most visited pages on my site! 
Google Drive is the number one way I keep all of my thoughts in order and the place where I store all of my content, free downloads, blog ideas, and basically anything I need to keep! Plus it makes it super easy to share with others when I hire new people to take over tasks I am running! 

What Presets do I use to edit?
I use my own 15 personal presets that I made after spending hours ,and lots of money , trying to get others to match my bright and airy style! You can grab them to use for yourself as well over in the AWP Online Shop

When do you need to have contracts in place for your business? 
Immediately! If you don't have contracts in place yet then this is something you should stop and do now! This is not just to protect you but your customers as well! Hop on over to The Contract Shop now and get yourself protected! 

My Must have Camera Bag?
The House of Flynn is AMAZING! I own 3 bags, a travel wallet, and a camera card holder! - Let's just say my camera bag may have fallen down a flight of concrete stairs before and hit the ground HARD and not one thing was broken inside or moved out of its compartment! I trust these bags with my life!

My favorite conference for creatives?

Creative @ Heart is amazing!  can not say enough good things about the conference and the people who are a part of it! You not only feel like you are a part of an amazing community but you get to actually have one on one conversations with industry leaders who are so sweet and helpful with answering all of your questions! Plus, you leave with some amazing new friends! 

The best place to look for community in your area?
Check out The Rising Tide Society! They host monthly Tuesday Together meetings all over and it is such an amazing way to get connected in your community with other creative entrepreneurs! 

What is in my Wedding Day Styling Kit?
I have hand dyed silk ribbon, Mrs. Boxes, 4 different shades of tulle, a mini hand held reflector, glass beads to place under objects for dimension, scrapbooking paper with different texture patterns, and a large painting canvas to do my styling on! 

What Apps do I use to schedule social media? 
Planoly for Instagram! Tailwinds for Pinterest! Then I schedule my Facebook posts through Facebook! 

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