4 Steps for Connecting with Your Audience on Social Media!


When it comes to speaking to your clients on social media some of you may struggle with knowing exactly HOW to talk to them and HOW to convert them into loyal followers! But what if your business actually has 2-3 ( or more ) types of clients that your business needs to be able to speak too and relate with? Did things just get a little more difficult and confusing? Yep, probably for both you and your clients! Confusion is the last thing we want to happen though ( especially for your clients! ) but the good news is that there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure that all of your audiences are being served well and can relate to your posts and stick around to interact!

Step 1 – Find 5-7 touch points and make sure everyone can relate to a handful of them!

Now here is the good news, when people follow you it is because you already have something that they connect with. They don’t have to connect with everything you post but they need to see value in one or two areas in order to make the decision to follow and stick around.

The best way to make sure you are giving everyone 1-2 connection points is to make a list of 5-7 things that you can consistently talk about on your social media platform. This can be anything from your business, behind the scenes, family, home decor, tips and tricks, your dog, you favorite recipes – Whatever will make your platform represent you and your business well. The key here is to make sure that each ideal client profile your business has can connect or appreciate at least 2 of these talking points! Once you have your talking points selected you just rotate through them one by one in order to make sure each of your followers are seeing content regularly that benefits them!

Step 2 – Showing BTS always helps!

People LOVE seeing the behind the scenes. Why? Because behind the scenes content is REAL. It shows the nitty gritty of how things work, what your life is actually like, it shows that you are human and that you do mess up, and it shows your customers that they can relate to you and trust you! Even if the BTS doesn’t directly relate to one of your ideal clients, almost everyone can appreciate a good “how to” or “before and after” video!

I mean, I can’t be the only one who has gotten sucked into the black hole of videos on Facebook showing me how to build or cook something that I will NEVER actually make! These videos are there just to get your attention, get you hooked on watching them create what they offer, and then hopefully get you on their page to follow them and eventually purchase! 

Step 3 – Remember YOU are the face of your brand and a strong connection point

Don’t hide behind your work! No matter who your followers are one of the key pieces to the brand is YOU and if they love you they will stick around and engage! By showing off who you are and your life, you are allowing them to find their own connection points with your brand outside of your normal 5-7 talking points. This allows them to feel as if they are your friends, support system, and have a loyal connection to you even if they only connect with 1-2 topics you talk on.

I follow a handful of people who are in a totally different industry than I am in and live a completely different lifestyle than me, but I follow them because of there motivation pep talks or because I love their excitement for their business! I may not connect with 90% of the content or products they put out, but I love who they are enough to stick around and be a fan!

Step 4 – PLEASE Don’t just post to post!

This is one thing I learned last year that has been a game changer for my sanity and my audience engagement! If you post just to post then you actually aren’t doing your platform any good or helping your followers in any way.

When you decide to post on any platform you should have a clear reason as to WHY you are posting, WHO it is for, and WHAT is the outcome you want them to have from reading the post.

By just throwing out content every day in order to say you posted won’t turn those followers into loyal fans, but posting 3-4 solid post every week will give them value that has them sticking around and sharing with friends! – By posting VALUE I mean giving them tips and tricks, sharing stories, telling them why you find something valuable or why they need something you are offering. Don’t be afraid to get real, to give them true ” insider tips”, and let them see that you are there for them! Show them that you put thought and effort into your post and that you care about them finding value in your account.

Social media doesn’t have to be hard or a scary place to post your content! Your audience is following you for a reason already so don’t hold back on the content they are wanting and hoping to see from you. Get your 5-7 talking points picked out, start incorporating some behind the scenes content, and show up as yourself so you can start connecting with all of your audiences in the way they are waiting for!



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