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5 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything right but things still aren’t working? It’s a noisy world and your clients are being pitched to every day for different areas of their life - So what is making your marketing techniques different than all the others? Learn the 5 reasons why your marketing techniques may not be working

5 Reasons Your Marketing Isn't Working | Abby Waller Photography


Do you ever feel like you are doing everything right but things still aren’t working? Do you wonder if your ideal clients are actually seeing what you are offering or if they are connecting to it?


Here’s the thing, it’s a noisy world and your clients are being pitched to every day for different areas of their life – So what is making your marketing techniques different than all the others? Probably not a whole lot unless you have done the digging to figure out exactly what your clients need and want! If something does not resonate with your clients it will not stand out in the noise and will just get lost in all of the other offers! So what are 5 common areas that most people tend to mess up on when talking about their offer?…


  • You aren’t speaking to your clients


If you don’t know who you are speaking to then you are just throwing things out there and HOPING it attracts someone! This won’t land you your dream clients!

Answer the questions below to help you get a starting point on defining those clients. These questions are just to scratch the surface of defining your ideal audience, you can dig much deeper to have a more precise audience!

( You can have multiple ideal clients in your business! Just be sure to create very specific profiles for each client so you can speak directly to them! )


  • What is the general age of your client?
  • What is the general location of your client?
  • Are they married, engaged, single?
  • What is their average household income?
  • What are their favorite stores to shop at?
  • Is your service a necessity for them, or is it a luxury item? How often do they require your services?
  • What hobbies do they enjoy?
  • What blogs do they read?
  • What social platforms do they use and when?


Take that info above and begin to use those topics to speak to your ideal clients – and stop trying to reach EVERYONE! If not everyone wants to follow you, then you are doing something right! We want to attract the right people while pushing away the wrong ones!


2) You don’t have a plan!


You need to know the outcome that you want with your marketing! The best way to market is by reverse engineering! This means that you need to know what you want for your final outcome, then work backwards to fill in the gaps! Once you know the outcome will look like, you can determine the content that you need to share to peak your subjects interest, and then determine who needs to see it.


Example – You want to book more southern brides! You want to attract brides who love monogrammed details, has a bridal party filled with her sorority sisters, and is planning a large outdoor wedding in the spring!

In order to attract this bride you need to show her images that she can connect to! Showing images of downtown weddings with skyline views won’t give her anything to emotionally connect to. Instead you need to show images of an outdoor wedding ceremony, with a bride and groom who are surrounded by friends and family and a large bridal party. Show them the reception details including the monogrammed champagne flutes, the farmhouse table with garland runner, and the sweet sunset photos of a bride and groom out in an open field! – That is where your bride will make a connection to you and your photos!


3) You aren’t bringing them value!


One of the biggest reasons your marketing may not be working is because you aren’t bringing your clients valuable content that solves problems they be having or will have! No matter what your business is or who your clients are, they all have problems that need solutions – no matter how big or small!


Using the same example from above. If you are trying to connect with a southern bride you could talk about –

  1. Your favorite barn venues in the area!
  2. How to incorporate your new monogram into your wedding day!
  3. Your favorite outdoor spring wedding color pallets!
  4. Outdoor spring wedding trends!
  5. Southern wedding traditions!


This will establish trust between you and your potential client because you have now shown them that you are an expert in your field and that you specialize in exactly what they are looking for!


4) You are Lacking Consistency!


Once you create a plan you must follow through with your plan step by step and consistently! Creating a solid social media plan won’t work if you don’t! The best way to create consistency is by creating content in bulk! This ensures that you are staying on track with your content but it also allows you to batch work and create in advance. This way you no longer have to worry about what you will post that day because it has already been taken care of!


5) You aren’t using your past clients as leverage!


You past clients are your biggest source of marketing and they need to be used! – In fact, they want to be used! As humans we LOVE talking about past experiences, especially if that experience was above our expectations! They can sing your praises and convince other to use your services or products 10x’s better than you can!


Think about it, if your bride above has made a connection to your images, she trusts you because you showed her you know what she’s needing help with, and now past brides are singing your praises – your chances of booking are pretty high!


Don’t be afraid to show client reviews everywhere! Use them on social media posts, show them on your website, and even incorporate them into your pricing structure! Let those potential clients know how awesome you are without even saying it!  


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