Using a Small Audience for Bigger Impact!

Are you striving for the 10k following on Instagram? – Heck, maybe you’re just saying I want 1,000! Either way, we are all always striving for bigger because we believe that bigger means better, but that isn’t the case all of the time. I am sure you have heard that having a small and engaged audience can actually be better than chasing numbers but do you know why and are you actually leveraging that audience to make that happen? If the answer is NO – then keep reading!

If you have a small audience that usually means that you have REAL and DEDICATED followers!

This is one thing in your business that you could never put a price on! It is the most valuable thing you can have because these followers are going to grow with you and your business no matter the turns you may take along the way. Plus, when you have real followers who are dedicated that means your engagement will go up – which means winning at the algorithm and being able to get your offering or message out to more people who need it!!!

When you have these true followers who are invested it also means that you are able to create real relationships with them!

When you are able to grow relationships with your followers and begin to know them by name that is when the real trust is gained because you are showing them that you care! When we follow someone on social media we just become another number behind their name, so to follow someone who actually takes the time to connect with us is something that is very rare and noticed!

 Having an audience of thousands can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with at times. So the best way to create this loyal following is NOW when you have a smaller audience so when your audience does grow, you have an amazing tight knit group around you already to help keep your engagement high and help bring others your way!

Have you ever had someone who you have followed for a while reach out to you personally and connect with you on social media? If so, I bet you remember exactly who it was and what they said because those interactions leave an impression! Taking tiny steps like this with your audience is an amazing way to build your community and make a lasting impression!

One of the other plus sides of a small audience is that you know exactly why your followers are there!
When you have a larger audience you tend to get a mix of people who are following you for different reasons. When this happens it typically means you will need to incorporate different messages and content into your social media plan if you are wanting to make sure that you have enough valuable content to keep everyone around! If you have a smaller audience though, more than likely they are there for maybe 2-3 different reasons. When you only need to incorporation 2-3 different types of content, posting and connecting with you audience can be so much easier than working with 5 or 6 types of content!


Tip- Not sure who exactly your followers are or what they want? ASK THEM! Use your Instagram stories to ask your audience who they are, where they found you, and why they are following! Not only does it allow you to connect and get to know your followers, but it allows you to know the best type of content to serve them and keep them interacting in the future! 

While having a large audience isn’t bad thing at all, having a small and tight community is something that you SHOULD strive for while you are building! You can learn to leverage a small audience way easier and faster than you can a larger one and create a strong community around your business or offering. So next time you are looking at those bigger numbers just take a quick step back and see if there is any way you can be serving and connecting with your smaller audience BETTER before you take things to the next level!

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