How to Handle Rejection in Your Business


One thing that can cripple any business owner is the fear of rejection. A lot of times we are so closely connected to the product that we offer that any form of the word “no” can seem like a punch right to our ego. The reality of it is though, the way we view the rejection is actually what causes the idea of rejection to be tough to handle.

   When hearing the word “no” we often go into a defensive state of mind and view the rejection as something personal. – Especially when it comes in the form of someone saying they can’t afford or need our offer.

We believe the person who turned us down doesn’t like us, doesn’t find us worthy of their time or money, or thinks badly of our offer/price.

    That way of thinking though couldn’t be further from the truth because most of the time when we hear “ no” it is hardly ever personal like we take it. A lot of times a “ no” or a pass on an offer actually means something so much deeper than what many people lead on! – You guys, people can be really bad at explaining their reasoning for things! So don’t look too deep into short or vague responses!

    Think about the last time you were offered a product for your business that you passed on. Why did YOU turn it down? Was it because of the person selling it? Was it because you didn’t find that person worthy of your time or money? – I can almost guarantee it wasn’t any of those reasons! You probably turned it down because it was bad timing for you, financially it wasn’t doable, OR it just wasn’t the right fit for you.

That is the exact same reason why people will tell you no! It isn’t personal, it’s not an attack on your pricing, and it isn’t because they think badly of the offer.

    Every single day, Multiple times a day, we are being pitched a new offer. That is a lot of offers coming at us and our customers on a daily basis. Our customer has to pick and choose which offers they will take and which one’s aren’t right for them. This applies for anyone who runs a business whether it be a tangible item you sell or a service you offer, it still comes down to pitching yourself or the item and allowing your customer to choose if it is something that is for them.

    The number one thing to remember when rejection comes is – It isn’t a bad thing to hear “ no” because if everyone is telling you “yes”, then your offer is probably way too broad or priced too low. By having an offer that leads people to say “ no” or “ not right now” then that is allowing a spot for anyone who will say a big “YES” because it is the right time or offer for them! This process will allow you to have people taking you up on your offer who are fully invested and appreciate what you are offering, instead of surrounding yourself by people who don’t.

   Next time you get an offer turned down or hear a “no”, don’t mentally begin picking it apart and jump to defend yourself or your offer. Instead just say “ It’s fine, it wasn’t the right time or they aren’t my right client”. Then head onto the next one!

   There are so many people out there who need what you have  to offer so don’t waste your time worrying about that one “no”.

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