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5 Ways Building a Team Changed My Business and Life!

Five Ways Building A Team Changed My Business & My Life! Abby Waller Photography #business #photography #photographer #team #teamwork


   It isn’t an unknown thing that I have hired out a lot of areas of my business over the last 6 months and I can say it has been one of the BEST things I have done for my business! I went into this year truly not knowing what to expect and honestly I tried not to have many expectations so I could just pivot when needed. This mindset has definitely allowed me to stay open to the idea of hiring and growing a team! Now let me say this, YES I was nervous when I hired my first person. Truthfully, I was nervous when I hired the the second, third, and fourth person because each hire is a big step in a new direction! The best thing though was that each hire has truly changed the direction of my business and helped me to have one or two less things on my plate each time!


    So here are the 5 main reasons that I decided it was time to build a team!


1) I was ready for MORE growth, but was MAXED OUT on time!

I knew I was ready for 2018 to be a big transitional year in my business but I also knew that I couldn’t do it alone! I had so many things that I wanted to accomplish and had areas of my business that needed a little more attention in order to get them more consistent. Sadly, I just didn’t have ANY extra time to incorporate anything else into my schedule so I knew that in order to grow I needed to add people to my team to help cover all of the to-do’s!


2)   There is always someone who can do things BETTER than I can!

One thing I learned this year is that there is always someone out there who can do things better than you can, so why hold onto the areas that you stay stuck on? Sure, I could of spent weeks and months learning how to use Facebook ads to grow my business. I could of spent more money going through the process of trial and error, and spend valuable time trying to learn the ins and outs of Facebook Ads. Instead, it was so much easier for me to just admit that I needed help and hire it out!

The crazy thing is, even though I am spending money to hire people I am actually making MORE money because of it!



3) I can TAKE BREAKS and know my business is still running!

Anyone else have a little panic attack before they leave for vacation or a quick weekend getaway? Between all the to-do list a mile long and praying nothing comes up that needs your attention before you leave, taking a break can sometimes be more work than just staying home to work!  The great thing about having a team though is that I can walk away knowing that areas of my business are still running and operating as if I was still there and working!

I have actually made MORE money being on vacation with no cell phone service than I do some weeks being at home working 8 hour days!


4) I can FOCUS better!

When I hired people to help take tasks off my plate I also allowed myself to have extra room in my schedule to take breaks and clear my mind. By allowing myself room to relax, I am allowing my creative side to recharge and allowing myself to tackle one project at a time instead of 5. By having a smaller and less demanding to-do list I am able to truly allow my work schedule to be more flexible around my life and tackle projects with my full focus! Plus we all know that when we can focus, we knock out jobs way faster!



Going along with point number two above, when you hire someone who can do things better than you they usually have great organization system that goes with it! As creatives, a lot of times we can have difficulty with organization because we are jumping around from project to project. The great thing about hiring someone though is that you then have people who can help you organize and create systems in your business that allow you to accomplish tasks quicker or sometimes even be completely hands off – y’all it is LIFE CHANGING!


    I could honestly talk all day about why you NEED to hire help in your business! It has been probably the scariest thing I have done all year but also the most rewarding thing! Every task that I hand off to someone else has allowed me to pour more time and energy into things that I am passionate about and actually grow my business! These are just 5 ways that I have seen big changes in my business in just the last 6 months of working on building my team and I can’t wait to see what it looks like 6 more months from now!


Have questions about building a team? Hope on over to the contact page and shoot me a message!

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