Mid Day Beach Photos Got Ya Down?


Wedding Photographer’s I am looking at you! Does your heart drop when you hear your bride say ” I want photos on the beach at noon?”.  Does your heart start racing? Is your mind going 100 miles an hour trying to figure out how you are going to ” save” these images?

I was there once too and I know that sinking feeling all too well! Being a wedding photographer in Florida, this is something that is almost impossible to avoid at beach weddings so I learned to embrace it as a fun challenge! ( Yep, I know you are now thinking I am completely crazy! )

If you have photographed on the beach before then you know that there is about a 3-4 period ALL day when the lighting is actually decent on the beach, and sadly that 3-4 our period is actually 2, 1-2 hour periods at sunrise and sunset! So how on earth do you handle that insane, harsh sun for the 12 hours in-between there?


Yes, I know there aren’t many shadows on the beach other than your own, but those are the ones I am talking about! Use your couple’s shadow to create even light around them!

I always have the tallest person turn their back to the sun, then place the shorter person inside the shadow of the taller person!

Let me explain a little more in depth!  See this sweet photo of Maddie and Alex below? I had Alex turn his back to the sun, then had Maddie cuddle in as close as she could so Alex’s shadow created an even shadow on Maddie’s chest and face! Plus, Alex’s face and chest are turned away from the sun allowing it to also be covered with even light! Then, the sand below them is acting as a natural reflector that is removing all harsh shadows and creating an even glow across their faces! This photo was taken around 2pm on the beach, in the middle of summer, with no clouds in the sky, and it is one of my favorites from the entire day!


Shooting mid day on the beach takes some patience and strategic posing, but it can be done! I suggest having an assistant or second shooter who can watch for ” sun spots ” on your couple’s chest and face while you shoot in order to keep your images as clean and easy to edit as possible!








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