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Three Small Changes to Help Book More Clients!

Three Small Changes to Book More Clients :: Abby Waller Photography


The one question I get more than anything when I ask people how I can help them grow their business is,” How do I book more clients?” It may seem like a big and confusing thing but in reality, it actually isn’t that hard when you have a strong game plan! When it comes to marketing there are a lot of things that may seem small and simple and like they wouldn’t make a big impact but I have learned that the smallest changes actually do make the Biggest impacts on your business! Here are three small changes that I made to my business that have allowed me to attract and book clients that are perfect for me!


   1) Your “ About Me” page on your website needs to be strong!

Having a simple introduction on how you love what you do sadly doesn’t build the trust that you need when starting your business! You need to let your potential clients know who YOU are, then let them learn about your business from the rest of your website! Make sure your About Me page includes things like a photo of you looking at the camera, who you are as a person outside of your business, then follow up with some fun facts about yourself! This allows your visitors to connect with you on a personal level! – My brides can’t connect to the fact that I am a wedding photographer, but they can connect to the fact that I spoil my dogs on a daily basis!


   2) Show your best work, not all of it!

When it comes to having a strong portfolio, small and curated is actually better than tons of images! I used a google drive folder with 50 images in it for the first few years and continuously updated that folder with the best images I took! I would then use those images to update my website and use them for social media content! I made sure to not let this folder get above 50 because I wanted to know that I was always putting out my best work!


3) Blogging is your best friend!

My blog was the main portfolio on my website for a long time! My potential clients loved looking through my posts and getting to seeing a variety of images from different shoots while gaining ideas on what they wanted for their own session! Plus, my current clients loved getting to share their blog posts with friends and family and their social media pages – which meant free advertising for me! Just remember, a curated blog post with fewer images is always better than a blog post with all of the images!  


These small changes to my business allowed me to not only attract clients who love my work but me as well! It allowed them to see my business as more than just someone who can take a photo because they were able to see who I was and the kind of work that they could trust me to give them!


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