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Four Tips for Shooting in Crowded Locations!

Four Tips for Shooting in Crowded Locations // Abby Waller Photography


We have all had those sessions where we pull into the parking lot of where we are meeting our couple and it’s packed! There are people everywhere, no open parking places, then the panic sets in of ” Where in the world am I going to shoot?“. If you shoot in downtown a lot then you know that no matter where you go, there will be crowds! Especially when your couples wants to shoot in popular locations around town! Thankful there are a few easy tricks to help avoid the crowds and make your couple stand out even in the most crowded locations!


1. Sun Rise Sessions 

Sun Rise sessions are not only a great way to make sure that crows aren’t around, but there is also a very romantic feel to these images with the gorgeous sunrise glow! (I always have my couple meet me about 20 minutes after the official sunrise time )  Not only do these images have gorgeous glow, but you and your couple will be the only ones out!

2.  Shoot Close Up 

This might be the hardest one for me! I love shooting with as much as the background showing as possible, but when the background is filled with people it’s sometimes my only option to keep things moving! As I shoot up close, I also watch the people in the background and wait for a break so I can jump back and get a full background shot!  These up close images end up being some of my favorites though!!


3. Show Your Clients the Images 

When you are shooting in crowded locations your couples will usually feel just as stressed as you do! They had planned on these gorgeous images that looked like all of the others you capture, and now there are crowds surrounding them! Most photographers don’t like showing their couple the back of the camera, but I almost always show mine! My couples love seeing how their outfits look, how their hair is holding up, and seeing if by standers are in the background. It not only makes my brides feel more confident, but I have found that my grooms get just as excited seeing them!

4. Shuffle Your Feet 

I am pretty sure this is what I spend almost the whole session doing while shooing in downtown locations! The image above was taken during a music festival, on a Saturday night, with huge crowds just behind this couple! – but you would never know! I had my couple stand in one spot while I shuffled my feet around to find the perfect angle! Once I found my angle I knew that I had to keep my couple here for a handful of poses to make sure I had a great variety of images with no bystanders!



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